A bygone era

The fall of the left

In todays society, individuals are no longer class themselves as only male or female, as has been the status quo for millennia. Rather, liberal intellectuals, belonging to the top percentage of wealth in the world have taken it upon themselves to coin phrases such as ‘trans’ and ‘cisgender’, amongst others. Do you know that there are over 70 different titles, in the west that people relate their own gender.

So here-in lies the single most poisonous thorn in the side of liberalism. The fact that each one of these subgroups of gender has their own philosophy and ideology has just eroded the idea of social liberalism that originally had been fought for. Instead of fighting a common enemy I the Elitist 1%. These sub-grouped genders are too busy fighting amongst themselves to be able to see the identity of their society being stripped from them, right under their noses.

With the impending #Brexit looming in #March19. A shift in the reliance on the Elitist few, like George Soros has taken effect. The people of society that are not battling with one another and can see the true enemy in the liberal left-wing cronies are taking a stand for us all. The elitist few that have for years pitted people against each other by creating these ideologies and selling them to people that lack the skills to be able to free think for themselves have made a major mistake. They have taken the peoples willingness to be easily manipulated to be true of every citizen in the UK.

Each day the left is losing ground and it is these leftist liberal academics that are now sowing fear discontent into the nation. ‘If you cannot beat them. Try and disrupt them’, then hope for the best. No longer do these select few hold the trump cards. They no longer are playing with the stronger hand. These elite few have been too comfortable, for too long. Their constant attempts to keep the status quo and control the people like puppets are over. There must be a lot of people throughout Europe that are shitting themselves with this realisation.


In a sense the whole theory behind liberalism will lead to its untimely demise. It is only the fault of those that decided to take it upon themselves to fracture the essence of society that we once knew.


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