Persecution of Russian Orthodoxism

A national threat


The President o the Ukraine, Petro Porochenko has called the influence that the Russian Orthodox church has in Ukraine. A direct national security threat. One that affects all Ukrainian’s. This has all come about as a direct result of an incident that happened 1,030 years ago. The region during this period saw a shift from Orthodoxism to Christianity.


At the time the Prince Vladimir ruled what is known today as Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. It was after his destruction of palaginism that he made that part of his kingdom baptize themselves in the Christian faith. This started the first Christian branch of the faith.


Due to the civil war that is ravaging Ukraine at the moment and the deepening divisions between western backed west Ukraine and the Russian backed geographical area of East Ukraine, Porochencko has taken it upon himself to take action against internal threats that may in fact play a role on the outcome, win or lose. This is just absurd. Porochenko, even within his own circle is starting to come under fire, because of the decisions he is making. In a sense, he just adding fuel to the fire. Is he hoping that the west ill automatically come to his aid because he is in a geographical strong point, a font line to Russia? What do we think is behind the mind of a man that has to resort to taking away the property of a devout faith? The church after is all is everything to an orthodox Christian. Take that away from them and of course they will react. A lion will always protect its territory.


The head of the Russian orthodox church in the Ukraine, who is close to Vladimir Putin held a procession in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Patriarch Kirill also pointed out that not pull away from Moscow. That unity was more favourable over separation. Also, that if they distanced themselves from Russia, it would be a monumental disaster. Was this a proxy warning shot, voiced by Vladimir Putin? It is very possible that Porochenko sees this and is using this to reignite a stagnating conflict. I don’t think Trump is that stupid that he would jump onboard to defend Porochenko when it would stir up hostilities between the two superpowers.


Seeing these too and throw word battles does not help anyone in the long term. All it is doing is lining the pockets of the arms dealers, bureaucrats and propaganda machines, hard in work.


Too bad about the loss of life and the impact it has on families and the community. Capitalists are prolonging this conflict because it financially is beneficial for them. Pay off the right people and you can ultimately sway the decisions on the ground. Hopefully, come May ’19 the European Parliament elections will herald in a new way of how politicians and business are able to operate.


Author: Alex Huskinson

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