Brexit ‘yah’ or ‘nah’

Difference in opinion

I have been talking to business owners in the geographical area of South Yorkshire. I am lucky enough to work at a hotel that sees many different characters come and go. On one particular evening I got into a conversation about Brexit with a guest. He explained to me that he was a company director for a equine business in the surrounding area. As he lived in the Republic of Ireland, I asked him how, come March, would the impact of Brexit affect his business here in the United Kingdom.

The cost of import parts for his machinery was going to be hit, if there was a hard border between Ireland and the UK. That would amount to a large amount of revenue he would need to be paying out. In short. He was not happy at all with Brexit going ahead. He tried to put forward an argument that 50 of the original constituents had re-voted and decided that they wanted to ‘remain’. I was not having any of this. He expected me to believe that a poll done in a pro European country, manufactured by EU bureaucrats was going to deter the English public? Come on. Who do these people think they are? It is shambolic and purely arrogant that they would even attempt such a foolish ploy.A few days passed and this conversation still bugged me. People needed to be aware of these new low levels EU bureaucrat propagandists are willing to stoop to.

On a cheerier note though. The majority of people that I talked to after that, in the streets were completely on board and optimistic with hat Brexit was going to bring them. Save for some just jumping on the band wagon because their friends were pro leavers, some had an opinion as to why. “End to Tyrannical rule by leftist elitists”, ‘saving British culture’, ‘own legislative laws’. Just some of the reasons as to why people were happy leaving Europe.

No matter the outcome of Brexit in March. There will be some jumped up liberal that will always scream foul. Its just what they do. An itch that just wont go away. I am optimistic though that there will be a continued resurgence to the British economy, now that the EU shackles are being taken off. Lets all look forward to this exciting period of political history. 2019 is going to be a very very interesting time in geopolitics. One that England is going to be at the forefront of. A true political revolution people.

Author Alex

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