The Iron Fist

Growing up in New Zealand, a million miles away from the continent of Europe. Much earlier in age made my viewpoint somewhat naïve and immature. I had no clue whatsoever about the territorial disputes, or the regional proximity that this bordering part of South Ossetia held.


South Ossetia had been an autonomous state of Georgia. Much like Barcelona is I Spain. However, tensions between the two gravely came to a head in 1991-’92: the South Ossetia war began. Many ceasefires and negotiations followed. There was a somewhat volatile peace. But it was peace none the less.


Fast forward o 2008. This volatile peace could ne held no more. War broke out between Georgia and South Ossetian seperatists. Here is where Georgia ultimately lost ‘the five day war’. As Russia had formally recognised South Ossetia independence, Russia flexed her military muscle and took the side of the seperatists. Now, if you look at the geographical layout of South Ossetia, it borders Russia. Did Russia see this as a geopolitical strategic move? Possibly so. Russia at the end of the day has lost out on large amounts of the mother land due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Ten years on the Russo-Georgian war is being remembered. The first war of the 21st century. It has been a stark contrast between watching it on tv, from a New Zealand journalistic view point to that of being able to experience this flashpoint from a much closer proximity. Media outlets and social media these days has been able to provide a much more informative view point of the events that unfolded in 2008.

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