The Russians and Germans

NordStream 2

During the early couple of months of the second world war, Germany allied with Russia. Next thing, the Germans started sweeping across Europe. Decimating every army that stood in Hitler’s armies way. The point I am trying to get across ere is this. Whenever the Germans and Russians align themselves with another. Things get done.

A new gas pipeline running from Russia to Germany, this NordStream 2 is a heated debate within European countries now. But who is going to persuade the two biggest players in Europe? No one can. Sure, nations can voice their concern and even condemn the actions of Germany and Russia. But let’s face it. No other body within Europe has enough power to derail this. The Baltic states, they will voice their concern over a pipeline running through their countries. But at the end of the day. They look out for their economic relations with Russia first. So, their voice carries no weight whatsoever. The Ukraine influence in Europe is straining to say the least. Yes, sure they will side with the US. But that is only because their president wants the backing and support in his civil war with Russian backed separatists in his country. Poland is heavily against the construction of this pipeline since A) Historically they have been grossly mistreated by the Germans and B) \They are a great supporter of America. They have allowed missile-defence systems to be placed in their country by the Americans. So of course, condemnation of this is purely justified and NATO seems to be losing its influence in Europe by the day. The whole reason NATO was formed in the 1940’s as stated by Alexander Mercouris, editor in chief of, “Keep Germany down, Russia out and the United States in”.

With ties between the Germans and the Russians becoming closer aligned. Does this necessarily mean that the security of Europe would be put in jeopardy? Some within the international community would argue that in the short term, no. it just an advancement of technology that would provide cheaper gas to Germany, some 20-50% cheaper than LNG coming from America I should point out. But on the flip side of that, others within the international community, siding with the Americans argue that this collusion between the Russians and Germans would potentially lead to the two nations just doing what they wanted. After all, no other powerhouse in Europe could stand up to both Russia and Germany together. They see that they would just do as they please, without consulting other European leaders. Both sides have valid reasons for opposing and agreeing with the construction of NordStream.

The Chancellor, Angela Merkel is hanging onto her power by a thread. The business community within Germany is fully behind the construction of this pipeline. It would make Germany the main axis point to the rest of the European mainland. So, economically it is in the best interests of the business community to back such a decision. In short. Merkel needs this pipeline to stay in power. So, no condemnation would persuade her from deviating from her intended path.


Major players including the US, Britain, Poland. All may have something to say. Britain has never been keen on entertaining the idea of liking Russia. Poland historically has been grossly unfairly treated by the Germans. However, the big one is America. A superpower and the number one ally of Germany. Already the Americans have threatened to impose sanctions on German industries. Look at what is happening to the Turkish economy. It is in tatters after Trump impose hefty sanctions against them.


A precarious situation the German chancellor is in. Angry a Super power, in America. Or lose her dwindling grip on power? Whatever happens. The pipeline would however take a decade to complete. An eternity in the political world. Leaders come and go. New reforms replace the outdated. It would be an era of a new generation that would see the completion of this. So, who knows what might happen. I see it being very difficult for people to oppose this. But why should they? It is just another small step in the grand scheme of the history of Europe.


Let me know your thoughts on this contentious issue. It would be interesting and informative to know what others think to this. Are you opposed or supportive?

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