Info wars

As we see all over the European mainland. More and more protests are happening on a weekly basis. Pro leftist parties and pro right are battling on the streets to stand up for the ideologies that they are being sold by people that are pulling the strings. On the left you have the ever-powerful George Soros and his Open Society. Where money is not an issue to his billions of euros wealth. On the other side of the spectrum you have people like Steve Bannon that is spear-heading ‘the movement’. A right wing think tank that is being set up to combat the ever-growing discontent by the every day person. The ones that are sick of the status quo.

Mainstream media in countries that are still in the pockets of the Open Society and the ideals that are being sold to them are influencing what the people are lead to believe. Information is a very powerful key. As you are well-aware. People are like sheep. They can be easily led, manipulated even. What better way to sell the ideologies of the Open Society than to start up the propagandist machines.

In the country that I live in. There is the BBC. The mainstream media of the UK. Leading up to what is going to be a monumental time for politics in the whole of Europe (I’m not just talking about the mainland, but also the whole of the geographical area that makes up this part of the world), they are getting these right leaning conservatives on their programs, on their shows, just to paint a picture of them being unstable and dangerous because they do not share the same views and ideals as the left do. A prime example of this was the recent interview between Steven Sacher and Jordan Peterson. Repeatedly the interviewer Sacher tried to systematically stack blocks on top of one another. Making out that this free speech warrior Peterson was a religious maniacal idiot. What Sacher did not consider was, he underestimated Peterson. A show of the overwhelming arrogance that the left shows.

Euronews, another example of a far-left leaning media outlet continually shows bias towards the left. They are often painting the right as hard-line missionaries. Hell bent on taking down society. Nothing more could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, there seems to be a movement to block the information tidal wave that is spreading worldwide. The left is trying their hardest to filter out all the anger and pain that is being expressed by individuals. But there is only so much that they can stop from being purported on non-mainstream media. Can the constant messages of the same incidents, occurring repeatedly be simply put down to a coincidence?

Sure, I believe that one or two can be put down to this phenomenon. But when they simultaneously occur consistently. Then there has got to be more to the story than meets the eye. Much more needs to be explained. News outlets like RT news and the Max Keiser show are just examples of non- mainstream media that are fighting against the oppression that is being shown, unfairly by the mainstream. When all looks dark and cloudy. We all need to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I myself are spending 5 days in the Czech Republic to enlighten myself with what is really happening on the mainland. I will be able to see first hand the propaganda machines of the left in action, as this is a flashpoint for the left in Europe. Their propaganda I can only guess will be working over-time. To influence the decisions of the uneducated, easily manipulated person on the street.

Information wars are a deadly violent game to be playing. The left, ever fearing the loss of the parliamentary majority in the European Parliament have started to sow fear in the minds of the people. What better way to scare people than to make a load of fake news and sell it to the population. I have recently commented about the dangerous and unpredictability of fake news. I am sorry to say but in the coming months, especially in the run up to Brexit and the Euro Parliament elections, there will be an increased amount of these fake news articles that suppress the minds of citizens world over.

Be more than that people. Don’t be a sheep. Stand above. Don’t be manipulated by false sources.


info wars.png

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