Economy Manipulation

So, an article has come out saying that the EU is optimistic about a positive Brexit deal. How many times has there been the see-saw affect of the market’s volatility between the Euro and the pound. Who at the end of the day is benefiting from this volatility? Oh, only the elitists of Europe. Both right and left wing alike. Is it fair for the every day blue collar worker to have to put up with such indecision? No. Not at all. It seems that every few weeks the European Union suddenly stands up and says something along the lines of “the UK is being unfair”, “that there will be no compromise on the part of Europe”, “the UK is being totally unreasonable in the demands from the Prime Minister Theresa May”.

All these comments lead to the instability of both currencies. Of course, the European Union is manipulating the markets, very slyly I may add. Weaken an economy for long enough to cash in. Before anyone realises, come out with an optimistic outlook for the future of UK-EU relations and BOOM. Up goes the value of the currency. But who has made money from this? None other than the people that are making the decisions, the people in power. Do you see where I am going with this?

Give the people a little bit of hope to naively grip on to. Bam, next thing, Barnier is coming out with some outlandish remark about how the UK is not holding up her end of the bargain. Markets manipulated, money being skimmed, and an economy is once again having to deal with increased prices, right across the board.

Wait until the European Parliament elections in May. If there is someone like Steve Bannon, the strategist there to counter the underhanded tactics of George Soros and his cronies. Then there is a real chance that the economic and political landscape in Europe will dramatically change. No more currency manipulation, no more under handed tactics from the elitist few. A new world order will have the next layer in an ever-snowballing affect. Not just in Europe. But right across the world. Once change in Europe follows that of America, there will be a knock-on affect. South America, Africa. Everyone will get on board.

Although the future is unclear and uncertain. One thing is crystal. Brexit is happening (no matte how many times the EU manipulates the markets, the march of the right will continue, long after the European Parliamentary elections, the left will crumble to nothing more than scraps and tatters and the United Kingdom will be called ‘Great’ again.

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