Assassination Hit

Assassination hit

News broke on Friday that the leader of the pro-Russian separatist movement had been killed in an explosion in a café in central Donetsk. What is an already volatile situation in the Ukraine has taken one more step towards complete civil anarchy. At first glance, you would have the Russians to blame for this attack.

I can see your logic behind this provoked attack, if there was direct evidence. Let us look at the facts here before we jump to conclusions. Russia an ally to the Eastern block of the Ukraine – has several vested interests in the area: Infrastructure, business opportunities et al. On the other hand, you have the United States. Whom openly supports Ukraine and its capital Kiev. The mighty US also has vested interests in Ukraine.  What if these interests crossed paths? Leaders have been known to go missing over such occurrences. But this is purely speculation. No evidence is there to prove such a theory.

So, each Superpower, East and West have a lot to lose if the country should fall in to disrepute. Billions of dollars could be wiped from the economy in a matter of hours if it ever got to that point. Although I believe the risk of a bigger provocation is hardly likely. There are still many variables that could bring her to her knees. There has been no love lost between the two of them. Each have their own collective views on how the country should be run. So is the Ukraine laying Guinea pig? Let us look internally. Petro Porochenko has been making inflammatory remarks against the Eastern part of the country for some time now. Provoking time and time again, recent actions, regarding the confiscation of Russian Orthodox Church lands – but one example. How frustrating it must be for the man who has a marginal grip on power, to be powerless.  Let’s face it. If it wasn’t for the US and its allies backing her. Porochenko would have been ousted long ago. Only because he is playing puppet does his grip on power remain. Has he gone a step too far this time?

But there must be rumours circulating as to who carried out this attack. Soomeone or some organisation were aware of Alexander Zakharchenko’s movements leading up to the IED being planted in the exact café that he frequented on that particular day, at that particular time. What lead to this series of events unfolding? The workings of a mole inside the movement? An internal power struggle within the movement itself? A provocation from Kiev to spark civil war?

Apart from the war in Syria, which is drawing to a close. There is no significant other, that the war machine of the US and Russia can financially benefit from. After all. Previous governments of the United States have each taken it upon themselves to justify some means or reason why they should invade a country. This has been a strong point from the current US government. I guess Trump just sees it as to expensive.

Geographic, political and power – few of the factors that potentially lead to the successful assassination of the pro-Russian, Alexander Zakharchenko . It is up to you to draw your own conclusion. This is a suspicious occurrence. Especially at this point in time of political upheaval in Ukraine. Investigations will be conducted. The blame game will be directed towards  people in powerful positions. What ever happens. I can see this taking some months, even years before what happened actually comes out. CIA or KGB hit or internal power struggle. Who knows. All we can do is speculate. Because that is all there is at this point in time.


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