The Trump effect on the growing anger towards migrants in Europe

Is the spread of Trumpism through Europe a good thing to the continent? The US President has somehow tapped into a niche field, where every day Joe blogs were tired of being controlled by the 1%. Very cleverly has the US President been able to trigger the feelings within people. Whether you like him or not. He has had the ‘balls’ to stand up to the elitists and have them shaking in their boots through a unorthodox political way of reform.

This opposing the 1% effect has made its way to the UK, as we see from the ongoing saga with the Brexit negotiations. It is economic suicide, but something drastic needs to happen to bring those corrupt elitists to their knees. Following March, a knock-on effect will be felt throughout Europe and come the European Parliamentary elections in May ‘19. A new world order will come take affect.

A negative fallout from this: the growing distaste towards immigration. May haps this is a flaw from the US side. But the growing descent into lawlessness in Europe is no longer a thing of the past. Individuals in positions of power are promoting their ideologies to anybody that will listen to them and people are equally opposing them. Social media is a vital platform for this ideological fare to be broadcast to a large proportion of the global community. To be able to master social media is to gain the ability to sway the thoughts of people.

This has been true of the ongoing protests seen in Eastern Germany (ex- communists). What started out as a violent clash between far-right and leftist protesters has now dragged on. More protests have followed since then. So, there must be an underlying theme going on here. Something does not add up. The government thought that there was only the far-right that were supporting these riots. However, much to the contrary. Every day law abiding citizens have been seen rioting. What ever has gotten Germans behind supporting an almost Nazi ideology has struck a cord in the hearts and minds of the general population. Luckily the Germans implemented such laws that Nazism can never return to Germany, so they say.

In many ways it has been the ‘right’ – of Germany – that has adopted these ideals the US President has been tough on. It has been all guns blazing from him, with no balance. While his predecessor Obama had all the patience in the world. But did nothing to better the global impact of the spread of migration. He only added to it by starting another war. But that’s enough on that. The Trump effect has gotten not only Germany but other European nations calling for the stop to the influx of illegal migrants from resettling. The wars from where they came from is almost come to an end. So why are they still using that as an excuse. George Soros and his Open Society should be held accountable for this atrocity that continues to happen, day in, day out. They are the ones that need to be held accountable for the increased numbers of people drowning – a result of the treacherous crossing. Hopefully Trumps ally Steve Bannon will make those that sit at the top, held accountable.  Already you see in mainstream media the articles that are praising the efforts that he has made to resettle ‘vulnerable’ people. What they do not tell you is that he is the one profiteering from all this. Soros is not a stupid businessman. He will not be doing all this, unless there is something in it for him. That you can be sure of.

As I write this blog I am sitting in café Slavia in the Czech Republic. A place of revolt against the then communist ruling party. The UK and its ‘Brexit’ is that revolutionary revolt, where the tides of change will occur. Economic uncertainty, yes. But necessary to topple those that use us as puppets, profiteering from us, getting richer, while the middle and lower classes get poorer.

Let us use the occurrences that the Trump Effect is having throughout Europe as a beacon of the signs that a new political epoch is going to herald, new outlooks, new barriers and new laws that will combat all that is corrupt in Europe today.

the trump effect

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