Fake news

In a world that is constantly online. Internet news has become the hunting ground for anyone that is naïve enough to believe everything they are told. ‘Hounds’ (mainstream media) are at your gates. The same hounds that spread propagandist fake news and misinformation to the clueless public, as we are on the go kind of people, we tend to get our news from a tv screen that has been embedded onto a website, or YouTube. Gone are the days of traditional print providing the bulk of what we informed on.

The ability to pull the strings from a position of power in leftist strongholds like Brussels leaves people little idea of the chaos the media is causing to citizens. We just see it as the responsibility of the media. When really, they are just the scapegoat. People are short sighted and only see what is in front of them, not further down the field about what might/could happen later. Unfortunately, individuals only believe what is on their social media pages. The elitist class have taken full advantage of this fact and taken it upon themselves to influence citizens in ways that seems like every day occurrences. When in fact it is just a propagandist web of lies. Woven by the spiders that seek to destroy our freedom of speech. After all. “People are like sheep and will follow the Shepard”.

Fake news impacts heavily on the lively-hoods of the individuals that this spread of propagandist misinformation impacts on. The mainstream media and the fat cats have not a care in the world. To them, we are just puppets and cannon fodder. The ability to sway people’s minds and manipulate their train of thought into believing a news feed story is the ability to sow doubt into the hearts of its audience – the objective of the Elitist 1% for several years now. Slowly they have been injecting their own ideological views into European citizens. They use the media as a platform to sow mistrust and dissidence on the public. After all. “It’s the media. It must be true”. Thankfully due to recent global geopolitical events. These corrupt politicians are finally being held accountable for their deceitful actions.


Fake news and misinformation are nothing new. During the days of the cold war both Americans and Russians, along with both respective allies, became master puppeteers in the art of misinformation and propaganda. So, although the bygone era has long dissipated. It now spreads its toxic, spindly stingers into the mainstream. In part due to social media free speech has become a platform for individuals to comment and take Umbridge to different global issues. Believing what they have been lead to believe is concrete sound evidence. The powers that be have seized on this opportunity with the public caught unawares to the ambitions of the fake news propagandist machine. Unable to think freely for ourselves, what better outcome could the likes of George Soros and his cronies wish for: a free reign over European policy making. All the time sitting behind their fancy desks in Brussels, laughing at us.


Fake news is the plight of the people. It is a cancerous tumour on the geo-political landscape in Europe. Fortunately, people are waking up to the fact that we are getting screwed by the policy makers. Finally, people are standing up to this evil that seeks to destroy our freedoms of speech. The very thing that people need to stand up to? Boycotting events, choosing a much more balanced media source, use their people power to take control of free thinking and lastly, destroy those that wish to lord it over us, we are taking to the streets to voice their protest against tyrannical rule.


The way to combat the likes of the liberal Elitist superpowers in Brussels is to resist them. Cotton on to the fact that they are stripping away your know-ial will. Do not give them an inch. Or else. You will find yourself becoming a sheep following the Shepard.





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