Corruption in Moldova and citizens standing up

It seems that the clamp down on corruption is spreading in Europe. Recently Moldova, who were gearing up to celebrate their independence-day on the 27th of August. It was only the day before that saw thousands of anti-government protestors take to the streets in the capital Chisinau. The protestors were outraged by alleged corruption by government officials, as well as the disputed recent election. This seems to be a regular occurrence happening of late. People I have spoken to here in Prague have expressed their concerns over the same thing, corrupt politicians – cashing in from dodgy dealings. People that orchestrated this protest have claimed that there were officers, plain clothed – were using ‘brutal force’ to disperse crowds. Even after the protest was going to be a peaceful, non-violent affair.

So why is Europe so scared of the kind of protests that happened on the 26th and 27th of August? Well, the government reversing electoral decisions because it id not suit their ideals and the power that a Russian Oligarch going by the name of Vladimir Plahotniuc has within Moldova itself, that the fear of Russian influence will become the norm in Moldovan politics. However, recent anti-European rhetoric has seen the Moldova turn from being pro-EU to almost on par ith other nations in Europe with anti-European sentiment. As such a 100-million-euro fund that was to be given to the Moldovans – to help them become more EU friendly, has now been frozen. What does more EU friendly even mean? It just sounds a little silly really. Buying a countries opinion. A George Soros speciality no doubt

It seems that there are parliamentary elections coming up and it appears Moldova is following suit of the other countries that are already distancing themselves from Europe. It seems that Europe is a slow sinking ship into the abyss. I say good on Moldovans for standing up to what they believe is right. They stood up to Brutality from the police force, sustained bodily injuries, just to voice their disdain.

Moldova is an ex-Soviet state and such, if the current ruling party loses out to pro-Russian socialiss in the impending general election. There is a large possibility that other former Soviet states mirror what the Moldovans are doing right now. An interesting political time it may seem going on in the Baltic region.

The people in power in Moldova have an obligation to see that people are not having their fundamental rights taken away from them. For one – democratically elected individuals. Not having their free choice scrapped. It has gotten to a point that each country needs to look internally and see that being a part of ‘Europe’ no longer is a viably sustainable option. The Pro-Russian aspect within Moldova is far out stripping the influence that the European Union has, by a long shot. Funds given to Moldova should be on the regulated by non-partisans that do not have vested interests in the country. In a way regulating the money that is being spent on what and by whom. This is a part of socialism that is really speaking to the citizens of Moldova. If they are not happy with the current system. Then change it. Only they have the power to make change for themselves, not other politically motivated entities.

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