Kosovo Serb land swap ongoing saga

There is a notion going on at the moment that the Serbian and Kosovans are having territorial talks, 10 years after Kosovo successfully gained independence from Serbia. Unfortunately, now the borders that separate the two countries are being questioned again.

The talks going on between the Serb and Kosovan Presidents would see that North Kosovo, mainly populated by Serbs, to be made of Serbia again. The Southern region around Presevo would become Kosovan land. This deal would also bring about the recognition from Serbia as Kosovo being an actual political entity. Where is however 110 countries that recognise Kosovo as a country.

There are many high-ranking officials however that are strongly opposed to this recommendation. The Serbian Orthodox Bishop Teodosije, who lives in Kosovo at the present time has warned that any division between the two countries would lead to the small Serb population in Kosovo would increasingly emigrate from the country. Thus, putting a strain on the Orthodox religion in Kosovo. Furthermore, the Prime Minister of Kosovo warned that any division of territory would lead to war between the once aggravating countries. He sees that this in no way can be a good thing for the people of Kosovo.

These talks have divided a country that initially fought valiantly to gain peace from an oppressive opposition. In their eyes they see the proposition of a land swap to be a huge negative point in the countries history, all of ten years old. The Albanian population that makes up a large portion of Kosovo’s population view this notion as a kick in the teeth to all that they fought for. I totally get where they are coming from. It after all was a huge victory for them. However, would it not be better to have more of your countrymen kosovo serbian land swapbecome a part of all that you fought so hard for. That dividing the Serbs into Serbia again would lead to a more prosperous Kosovo? Tensions between the two countries after all have always been on the somewhat aggressive. Neither one of the two having the time if the day for the other.

The international influences behind this all are of course the two Superpowers, Russia and the US, along with the United Nations. After all it was with the UN military help that forced the Serbian forces back to Belgrade. At the end of the day. The Serbian and Kosovan leaders can blow as much smoke as they want. They however are just pawns to the superpowers, afore mentioned. It will be down to whether it is politically in their own interest to allow any such deal to go ahead.

Unfortunately, at the end of day I think that the influential superiority of Russia and the United States far out trumps the politics that the Serbs and Kosovans play. Oh, sure we will all be told that the two nations have come to a ‘joint’ agreement. But the true superpowersdecision making has been made on some secretive phone call between the Russian Federation and the States, successfully implemented by their pawns.

In a world where decisions like this are a regular occurrence, the people being affected do not have a say in the outcome of this all. The decision is made for them by a small group of elitists that financially benefit from such an outcome. When people in both countries set their sights on a decision. That is when a true outcome of territorial partition will come about. Till then. There is just going to be a lot of smoke blowing from both sides.

Full power to both countries. They are both trying to come out of this  much more geopolitical advantageous. They fought bravely for what they believed in. Unfortunately, the power struggle seems to have reared its ugly head again.

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