Why is the EU blocking corruption cases

The problem of corruption in the European Union does not seem to be a problem for the elitist few sitting comfortably in executive positions in Brussels. While the everyday worker is forced to use second rate shoddy materials for a new construction site (Whilst in Prague workers were complaining about the second rate materials, used to just bodge the job. (Plus if they finished before the deadline. They would receive a 100€ bonus), or money being laundered through bogus companies that are made out to benefit the small folk, charities are the biggest culprit of the lot, so take precautions.

These type of back door deals are rampant throughout Europe. Summits are held, dignitaries arrive. But hang on, when people are pulling up in brand new Mercedes, Porsche, Bentleys. How on earth is that supposed to send a clear message of how you are tackling this endemic problem. europe corruption


The problem is that most of the East and central European countries have ex-Soviet Union Communists in key parliamentary positions. They are from the old era, the Stalin era. Where deals like these were common place. As a result, the individuals in power copy and paste this model to deals of their own. Soon you see individuals becoming very rich, almost overnight. Just think this through logically. Unless you are not doing something very illegal. Then the possibility of these influential people becoming this rich in such a small amount of time, is impossible.

But they will deflect it. Make up some bullshit story. With the new influential power that comes with having a lot of money. Suddenly their misdeeds have been swept under the rug and they get away with it. Shady deal after shady deal and next thing they have their fancy cars, nice beachfront houses. The thing that really gets me is the ordacity of these elitists is that they set up these political ventures that make out that they are helping the small folk. They be giving a little. But they are sure creaming a lot more from what they are putting out.

Take for example the European Union proactively blocking the judges attempts, in Greece to prosecute those involved in the corruption cases that implicated bent political figures in the Sovereign nation, Greece.  Why is this the case? It is because the individuals that carried out ‘corruption’ are part of the EU fat cat family. The decision makers of The Open Society. Why would they want their own being taken down? A threat of exposing more under handed tactics you may ask. You would be right. From prosecution, there would be a snow ball effect of all the deals made under false pretences, high ranking officials would get smoked out. The FatCats could not suffer something like that. It would politically ruin them. Furthermore, it would be a dire catastrophe for Brussels and the Union itself.

Corruption is rampant throughout Europe now. Organisations like the Prague Society and transparency International along with their members are seeking out ways to actively decrease the amount of corruption that is the stain on society. It is vital thatcorrupt countries Europe bands together to take on the corrupt politicians that seek to benefit from the loop holes of society.

Together as a collective society. We can put an end to the corruption that is around us. Take to the streets and make your voices heard, take to social media and spread the word that we have had enough of the ultra-rich taking advantage of us. Fight back people. Your voice is the most powerful tool you have in the fight against this.

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