Name change in Macedonia

Macedonia, home of Alexander the Great. What a moment in history that was ae. Times have change though. Yet still see Macedonians fight for their rights of their own country. But hang on. An ancient Macedonia and new Macedonia? Huh, I am confused now. Because of this, I have done some research into why suddenly at this point in time, the  call for a name change has come about.

During communist Soviet Union days, no body seemed to mind what Macedonia was called. Even the Greeks, who technically has half of Macedonian land belonging to it had no qualm. “It was not seen as a national threat”. But with everything, the political Hammer had to rear its ugly head. Over consecutive Greek governments the argument that, with Macedonians being so closely allied to Russia, that there would be the risk that Macedonia could fall back into Russian hands.

Macedonia name change

Hence now there is a call for the change of names to the Republic of North Macedonia. A step to please the Greeks and a further step to have North Macedonia sworn into NATO and the EU. As with every step though. There has been violence on the streets, tear gas thrown by police and civil unrest. All in the name of democracy. As with both sides, for and against. Each side has its own views on the geopolitical situation. However, you can not always please everyone.

From a view point of the International community. Countries like Germany have welcomed the name change. Alexis Tsipras stated that “The deal that we have reached for the first time ensures that they do not have, and in the future can never claim, any relationship to the ancient Greek civilization of Macedonia. This was obviously something that the Greek people felt very strongly about. The historical significance of this decision has pleased many Greek, especially in Athens. It stops any future land discrepancies the Republic of North Macedonia may have against the Greek nation.

All is not set in stone however. Although both prime ministers have agreed upon the new name. It is now got to be sent to parliament for approval. All this hard work could yet be undone by nationalists that disagree with the decision.



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