Assassination attempt thwarted by the Russian FSB

Latest reports from the RT news network is that the FSB (Federal security service), Russia’s security agency have arrested an ISIS militant, born in Southern Dagestan Republic, in the Smolensk region of Western Russia.

After being interrogated by authorities he confessed that he was acting on behalf of the Ukraine, that the intelligence service SBU (Sluzhba Bezpeky Ukrayiny) ordered him to carry out the assassination of a high-ranking rebel in the East Ukraine, self-declared Donetsk Peoples Republic. The Militant went further to say that the Ukraine was actively providing support to fighters f ISIS with weapons, explosives, ammunition, funding and whatever they required, to wage war against the Russian Federation. Kiev has come out saying that this has been completely fabricated and is just another fake news story. Designed to discredit Kiev and its security services.


Now, this has been reported by a Russian news agency. Be careful before jumping to conclusions on this one. RT is owned by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. This could just be another fake news story. This is very disturbing if it is proven that the \Ukraine is funding ISIS. But it will align with how the US is actively supporting the rebels in Syria. In August the DNR rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko was assassinated, as commented on previously in another blog. I find it suspicious that another assassination, within two weeks of each other is highly suspicious. The time lines do not exactly line up. Is this an attempt to sow discord into the West? To provoke even more outrage from those that support the Ukraine?

With the information ‘potentially’ given up by this militant, this would stir a whole heap of condemnation from the International community. If these reports are found to be true. Kiev will have some serious explaining to do to her allies. If the Ukraine is seen to be actively harbouring terrorists. Then that is an act that would see them put on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. A list that the USA concocted. The US being a staunch ally of the Ukraine.

The allegations this article by RT news presents is a clear violation of the Budapest Memorandum. Signed by both Superpowers along with Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. This memorandum also included security assurances against threats or use of force. That memorandum works both ways. If the Ukaine is seen to be attacking Russia. It is in violation of the signed agreement.


Such an accusatory article will surely bring about many questions. Most mainstream media will not comment on this. Rather they will let it just blow over. After all. This allegation has been made against one of their allies. What are your thoughts on the situation? Leave a comment below or follow me on my social media channels.

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