Fighting authoritarianism

The liberal leftists are at it again. The nation of Hungary is in the firing line this time. RT and Deutsche Welle, et al, have all started reporting on the European Unions choice to invoke article 7 of the 2007 Lisbon treaty, of often referred to as the ‘nuclear option’, will in effect will strip Hungary of its European voting rights. A real slap in the face to its democracy. The EU, like I said before, it is a sinking ship. They are hell-bent on taking down everyone they possibly can. Too bad about Hungary’s own political system, which democratically was agreed upon. If its not inline with how George Soros and the bureaucrats in Brussels want their vision to be. The will flex their might to scare everyone that stands up to them, back in their place.

Hungary has implemented systems to keep out the influx of illegal migration sweeping Europe. The Hungarian prime minister was quoted when speaking to the EU that, “you condemn us because we are not a nation of migrants”. Each European country should be able to decide on how their own country is run. If not, then the EU is turning into a dictatorial regime. I thought we were past those days. Hungary has tightened its borders and it has refused on each occasion to share the burden of these illegal migrants that come from Africa and beyond. We are already seeing the unwillingness of these illegals to integrate into society. Attacks on civilians are just another day occurrence. It is sickening the way we must put up with the plight of these illegals. Yet it is the taxpayer’s money that goes to sheltering them.

Nigel Farage, a firm believer of the UK leaving the single Market turned to the twittersphere to say “European parliament votes to remove Hungary’s voting rights, the authoritarian grip of the EU gets even tighter. As well as a Croatian MP by the name of Marijana Petir saying that she voted against article 7. That there needed to be dialogue to bring all parties to the table and come to an agreement. So not everyone voted for this article 7. 197 MPs voted against it, 447 for.

You see all the European newspapers reporting this. But when it comes to the UK? Nothing. The reach and power that George Soros has over the British media is incredible. Oh, there will be something no doubt come out over the next day or so. But guaranteed it ill be an article praising the EU for standing up to Hungary. Lies and fake news, that’s all it ill be. A fabricated story by Brussels. You know what. The UK will eat out of Europe’s hand, all because Mrs May needs a good relationship with the EU to get a deal through. Or else her job s caput.

When is this dictatorial behaviour going to stop? When it is too late? I ask you. Should it not be down to the individual countries to make up their own minds. Instead of having their choice taken away from them? I am sure that we have not heard the last of this. Stay tuned people. I will update this blog when I find more on this contentious issue.


Author: Alex Huskinson




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