The cost of corruption in the EU

The European Union, consisting of 28 member states is at fault of 800 billion each year, (the independent)from systematic fraudulent behavior from the people that are in hierarchical positions that full well knowingly contribute toeurope corruption the loss of this astronomical sum. Each country has their own fair share of illegal misdealing. Unfortunately it is not something that will go away. For where ever there is human nature, their will be temptation to want more without pursuing it through legitimate means will always be there.

So who are the ones that loose out when we fall victim to corruption? It is us, the people. Insufficient building materials – lead to unsatisfactory services being stretched to their limit, transportation networks are compromised. To the Fat-cat bureaucrats its OK. They skim enough money from public service to not have to warrant the necessity to use the public domain. They are all kosher being chauffeured around, using private jets or enjoying lavish parties, all at our expense. There are many different ways that impact on society and country. First, there is the social impact. For example. paying for votes to cross the threshold into positions of power, the inability of domestic services to fulfill their potential to the maximum, foreign investment is greatly put at risk.

Maybe now the new generation of European political heads are bowing to public pressure and ordering inquiries into corruption allegations. A sinking boat, that will hopefully take those that seek to benefit off the back of the public are going to be held accountable. But should we not be going further than allowing the elitists deal with this issue internally. Look at the end of the day. They will bundle everything up into a nice little package. Use their fake mainstream media to sell us the idea that ‘those that seek to destroy out democracy have been brought to justice’. When really the

corruptiony are just blanketing the real truth from us. Because we like to think that we are good citizens. We tend to eat up any crap told to us. No! We need an independent body that is partial to European politics. Someone that has an outsiders view looking in on the shit that has become Europe. These people should be able to have the power to make executive orders to freeze funds, bring judicial action against the ones that are found to be flaunting their positions of power and humble them, bring them to their knees. Teach them a lesson they will never forget.

An article brought out by the world bank on anti-corruption highlights how the social and political impacts are felt on society. But also steps that lead, in their opinion to the ways that corruption can be handled. This is a good start. But with everything. There needs to be more people. The only way that you are going to get rid of corruption is through dialogue, but also making an example of the ones that seek to undervalue our social way of life.

As of the tie of writing this blog. Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania are the biggest at fault. This is not the fault of the citizens that live in these countries. Rather, it is the bureaucrats that are short-changing the population. In recent months we have seen the Romanians take to the streets to protest against said corruption. It is a trend that is sweeping Europe at the moment. Even here in the UK, we are not without our own fair share of corruption allegations. It just shows the underlying factor that no one is safe from the evil clutches that is corruption. Come the 2019 European Parliamentary elections. ‘The movement’ will shake up a lot of feathers, ones that I dear say needed ruffling a very long time ago. Major political change is coming and we best be ready when she does.

The Independent:

Written by: Alex Huskinson

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