Eroding national identity

I was sitting having coffee with a friend, talking about various matters, as you do. One such topic that sprung up was the need for countries to have their own sense of nationalism, a sense of their own culture. This got me thinking, relating that to the political movements that are happening throughout Europe. Rioting, anti-corruption. Why are these happening? What is the underlying reason for people to get to this point? At what point has been so necessary to make your voice heard? So there I sat by myself afterwards, contemplating this very topic, asking that very question…. why?

What is the EU doing to Hungary right now? Trying to strip them of their national identity. What is the EU trying to do with Brexit talks with the UK? Applying bully tactics to sow fear into the unwitting individuals in England. What is happening with the Italians? They have vastly different views on policies brokered by Brussels bureaucrats.

See a pattern forming here people? In just these small arrays of examples, they all have the same underlying factor attached to them. The EU is trying to strip away the national identity of that country, what they truly believe in. Because EU states have a different take on certain policies. They are punished for it. Where has democracy gone? So much for freedom of speech. I remember in the past you were able to challenge the ways that things were done. If you didn’t like it, you voiced your concern. That was taken on board and something was done about it.

Is it wrong for people to have a different viewpoint than others? Of course, there is going to be a difference in opinion. That’s what makes a truly democratic nation so prosperous, that difference in opinion.

What the European Union is doing though to its member states is nothing short than imperialism. Lording it over its member states, having to pay for the privilege to be included into a so called ‘Union’. A union is supposed to take your best interests into consideration, going into battle for you, then you are being able to reap the rewards. But when what you internally believe in is being snubbed. Where is the democratic value in that? Its not what you signed up for. So instead of being able to stand up to what you believe in, in Hungary’s case, turning away illegal migrants, or the UK wanting to leave this Union, you have the EU slapping Hungary with article 7, just because in the fat-cats opinion, it’s a direct threat against the openness of the European Union and with the UK, at every turn the powers that be in Europe have dogged and hounded the British at every turn. Constantly sowing doubt into hearts and minds and down playing everything that London does. But I guess what better way to try control someone. Have them cowering in the fear of reprisal.

The EU can sense that it is losing its tyrannical grip on power, that the EU sinking like the Titanic. They have to resort to drastic measures to reign in the populist movement. To quash the cases of corruption. Once one eggs cracked in the batch, they all crack. One by one political powers will implode.

Good luck to all the EU states that are fighting back against the imperialism that is dogging Europe at the moment. Power to the people and power to you.

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