The movement

So what has the European Union shaking in their shoes, above all else? Everybody knows about Brexit. Fair enough. The British people had their chance to stand up and take back control of their country and borders. But what of the other issue? Something they do not like to talk about, none of the main stream media ever comment on it. Why? It is because they are scared about the extremely talented strategist, Steve Bannon. He turned around President Donald Trumps political campaign. Ended up getting him into office. Now it seems that his keen intellect has seen him face the European Union.

‘The movement’, founded by Belgian Politician Mischael Modrikamen, according to the strait times, is going on a road show throughout Europe to try and brew up support from the populist leaders and political partners into quote ‘a loose alliance’. This is to take on the pro EU parties in Brussels that are systematically destroying Europe, through their policy decisions and the stripping of fundamental rights of its members, their backhanded deals and imperialism values.

Values that are going to see a major clash as Mr Bannon sets out to unite the individual parties of Europe. To bring them under the same umbrella. After all, populism is more powerful in numbers. Certain events in the past should be a learning curve for the presidential strategist. One that he will no doubt have learnt from. In my opinion there will be a lot more Antifa activity that will be shown in the mainstream media. Discrediting ‘the movement’. All this means is that they are winning. After all it is the bureaucrats that feed misinformation to you via mainstream outlets daily. They just package it up all neat and tidy so you can’t see the hidden underlying tones.

There are several active components that are currently in progress that are going to fuel the flames of this fire. Brexit, the out of control migrant crisis have lead to the populist movement throughout Europe. Sweden for instance is the latest country to take on a much more populist political view. If the EU loses any more ground. Decisions like threatening article 7 on countries will become a reality or tariffs, much like America is doing to the EU now. The might of the EU will flex its muscles. But as Steve Bannon has said ‘the individual parties in Europe are woke up’. It will only further drive Europe into chaos.

I myself am going to try attend at least one of these roadshows. If anything, it would be an excellent opportunity for a blog. But also, to see what a charismatic speaker Steve Bannon is.

I will be updating this blog a I get more information






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