Follow up to my EU v Hungary post

I have decided to do a follow up blog to the post I uploaded a couple of days ago. The reason being. Feel as though, as many questions as answers were opened. It is my objective to provide a different view on International relations to what the mainstream media is reporting. Learning from past experiences with the media, not reporting the truth, rather fabricating stories to boost their rating is why I am trying to tell what is going on, from an every-day Joe Blogs point of view. Unbiased. Not left or right. I try give a fair balance to both sides. However, it s very difficult sometimes when the clear perpetrators have been one or the other. Mainstream media, depending on who funds their corporation, will lean towards one or the other. That is why you have media like ‘The Duran’, the ‘straits times’, to different views than mainstream media outlets. I give my view on such headlines. With some readers taking Umbridge against me. I see this as an achievement though. It means that I am striking a cord that people feel strongly enough about to comment on. As well, if there is more media that individuals can access. Then the ability of individuals to be able to come to a much more balanced point of view is greatly increased. So, without further ado. My follow up to the political tension between the European Union and Hungary.

I stated last time that the national identity of Hungary was being eroded by the decisions made for them by the EU. But why is so important that Hungarians take control of their own national identity? First off, the Hungarians are a very proud people. They are very resilient, they strongly believe in their what makes them… them, and they are a very intelligent people, as seen by how many chess masters they have produced.

Before entering the EU Hungarians had a very strong sense of nationalistic pride. The only problem with joining a single market is this. Your national sense of being gets taken away from you. No longer are you a free sovereign nation. Instead you have pen pushers in Brussels making decisions that are supposed to help you. But instead it just makes things worse. Unfortunately, one size does not fit all. Hat may work for one country, may certainly work in an undesirable fashion in the next. The Fat-cats in Brussels do not see it this way. They see it as “if you want the pleasures of trade and commerce that comes from the benefits of being a collective entity. |You must bow down before us and do what we tell you. I must say that seeing it like this shows the EU to be a very totalitarian almost tyrannical entity. Agree or disagree, if anything it opens dialogue, which is a healthy step to sorting problems. It is best to see what is going wrong, learn from it and take steps to fix what must need be fixed. Instead of taking a whole new approach to something that can just be built on.

I see it from the Hungarians point of view. They feel like they are having what makes them unique, destroyed. Hungarians will not stand for this. Their President has already sought allies from Poland, Czech Republic and Italy on what they see as harsh mistreatment from the EU. The EU cannot keep treating its members like this. These fringe EU states are seeing what is happening with Brexit and I have no doubt that they will use the framework laid out by Britain for their own exit strategies.

From the EU point of view. I feel as the vote on enforcing article 7 on countries like Hungary and Italy has been a gross miscalculation. They failed to see the internal politics that are steering their countries towards one way or the other. Hungary holds considerable power in the case that it is a strategic military point to the East, it was freed from communism, but was never part of the Soviet Union. Rather they saw themselves as the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Hence this way of thinking is not going down well, when the EU wants to force their values unto them. They are the type of country that will not sit idle and just roll over and play dog. They are too proud a country for that.

The EU needs to tread very carefully when dealing with Hungary. Other nations like Poland Bulgaria and such are looking on. High political volatility now, ex-Soviet States, along with Russian influence can well and truly take advantage of this chaotic situation. It would just be another nail in the coffin that is ultimately going to be its own coffin.



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