The necessity of a collective response

A collective response is needed to combat the powers that be, namely the institutions that have taken it upon themselves implement policies that shake the very fabric of our society. I look back to the events that happened in Russia during the time of revolution. The upper ruling class took it upon themselves to rule with an iron fist, pdepleting the working force of their rights and every-day freedoms.  What is happening with the European Union is exactly like wht happened a hundred years ago in Russia. The EU is applying the equivalent of the secret police on its member states, in order to quash any sort of freedom they once held to their hearts.

This is the reason that the Union that was supposed to bind the continent of Europe together is falling apart. Brick by brick. The Union has become a totalitarian entity that very cleverly is stripping away the very democracy that a collective should enjoy. It is a small group of bureaucrats that are controlling the millions of citizens that inhabit Europe.

Through their policy decisions, having open borders for instance (noy including the Schengen zone). Has been a huge mistake as it has built anger and resentment against governments that have implemented            these key decisions. Unfortunately, if you do not do what the EU tells you. They start threatening sanctions. Sanctions that are just a scare tactic to bring the people back into line. Europe is not uniformed enough for that sort of policy making to take effect. This is something that the Fat-cats have mis-judged. Certain countries like the Hungary, Britain, Italy et al. have taken the steps to fight against the authoritarianism that is playing out right across Europe.

Brexit is a key frame-work that, in my opinion will bring about the demise of the European Union and send countries back into their own political, financial and economic borders. Ditching the Euro, at first is going to be a dire thing indeed. However, lets look at the positives that will be brokered from this. countries able to build their own trade relations, not spend out million of their own monies to line the coffers a Union that is rife with corruption. However good these benefits are. The negatives with the break up of the EU brings would be re-negotiating trade deals, minnow countries are left to fend for themselves against larger countries with higher populations, laws need to be reworked around the individual countries values. I have just named a few of a whole list of pro’s and con’s. It is not worth looking into the short term, real change comes from long term vision. We are already seeing animosity from the Eastern bloc. With that, in my opinion. I can see this turmoil spilling over into other European nations, thus crumbling the Union that was seen as the saviour of Europe.

I have now been banned from posting to several reddit communities over what I have been uploading. The liberal media wants to quash any sort of opposition to what they see as their ideal world. Without opposition, the media is left to rain down its authoritarianism against the everyday blogger. I do not mind though. I see it has though I am striking a chord that has got the moderators of thee communities having to take the actions that they are in order to censor anything that is not inline with their ideals.
















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