A slap in the face to democracy

The leader of the Labour party here in the UK has flown to Brussels under the premise that he is there to honour the murdered MP Joe Cox with a memorial to honour her, after working in Brussels for many years. This is a kind and fitting tribute to honour her memory. What is clouding this trip however is Jeremy Corbyn’s blatant disregard for the democratic decision that voted on democratically by the British public. As a democratic-socialists, much in line within and Trotsky. He is trying to undermine the very fabric that the decision to leave the EU was built on. It is not his ideals, his ‘vision’. And like the events leading up to the revolution of 1917 in Russia. He wants to sow as much doubt into anyone that will listen to him. Members of both parties have been trading blows, back and forth. But really, this has all been for nothing. The people of Britain used their voice in a positive manner. Unfortunately, there are certain ideals within the labour party that seek to oppress and revolutionise the political landscape in Britain. For many years the UK has been a free and democratic country that has enjoyed the pleasures that come with going through the steps needed to become a true politically free country. Something that the Marxist leader Jeremy Corbyn and Andrew Murray (a member of a communist party) wish to oppress.

Sure, the working class and upper classes will become one of the same. The problem with this is that the amount of people, that are making all the decisions ends up being much smaller than what we already see. An elitist few now, is a bad thing. However, that hat ‘elitist few’, just got smaller. Control over any key decision making or liberties, stripped away. At first it looks ‘fine and dandy’. Next moment, that silver lining you thought you had. Boom!!! Gone.

There is not only the labour party that you need to watch out for. If labour ever did get into power, with Jeremy Corbyn as leader. Soon enough, communist friends, democratic socialists, IRA members all welcomed with open arms. No doubt, a fake news story about them being persecuted by their own peoples would be woven to fool the public. The tight controls that have been put in place to stop the population explosion, suddenly reformed and tweaked so that it allowed every Tom and Harry into the country.

I ask you this. why has Jeremy Corbyn gone to meet Michael Barnier? Jeremy Corbyn has no right to stick his nose into a decision that he has always been strongly against. He should not have been allowed to speak to the EU negotiator. He is sowing more doubt into the minds of negotiators on both sides. This is an act of treason. He should be brought in front of a judicial hearing and have his political privileges revoked. To stop him dong more harm to Britain.

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