The Brexit Scapegoat

The top story that has been constantly at the forefront of the British news has? The terrible Brexit negotiations handled by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May and the in-party squabbles of the conservatives. I am a blue supporter. I always have been. However, the ability of this current conservative party and the ground it has given away to the communist hard-left labor party is a real travesty to the democratization of the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, Britain has probably ‘thebrexit’ most unfit, unqualified leader that the conservatives have had ruling the party… ever. She has given in to leftist liberals, given too much privileges away. For Christ sake, she decided to not even stand up to live political debates in the lead up to the last general election. Why? People, she isn’t a good public person. Her trip to Africa was a clear example of how uncomfortable she is in the public eye. Away from being on camera the prime minister can hide behind pre-made speeches, she is able to hide behind well devised speeches. On the global stage, she just cannot do that. In these countries, important trading partners to the UK after Brexit. I found that she was just unable to create a lasting image of solidarity. Something that emerging countries look to places like Britain to ascend to, a framework that they can mirror.

Most people in Britain would love to see Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister. Yes, he is an amazing public speaker, calls it how he sees it. In the current political climate here in the UK, I don’t see that being the most ideal situation for the conservatives, at all. Jeremy Hunt? He can’t even manage the National Health System. How can he be trusted to manage a whole country? The Home Secretary, Sadiq Khan, I think the whole issue of  knife crime in the capital alone and his inability to tackle this problem will not even put him as a front runner for the big job. Now, currently there is no suitable candidate that could viably take over from Theresa May, without bringing the whole conservative party to its knees. I see that the party, until Britain has formerly left the European Union will not oust her. I do see though that the conservatives will use her as a scape goat for the awful way she has handled Brexit. Unfortunately, she has given into the liberal left. Given them too much room to spread their toxic feelers, as to say.

After March you are going to be hearing a lot of “right, she has gone, we can start making the putting in the steps that are going to make Britain great again”. It is going to be an interesting political time, Just before the EU parliament elections. What a time to be in this part of the world. I can’t wait.

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