The European agreement to the Aquarius illegals

Once again, the rescue ship operating in the Mediterranean has rescued more migrants making the perilous journey from North Africa over the Med and into Europe. This time 68 people have been said to have been taken on board, including women and children, if the reports are to be believed. As we know. The EU tends to report what it wants just to look good. It has been the island of Malta that on this occasion has agreed to take in all refugees. But there is a twist to this. They are offloading them to France, Portugal, Spain and Germany in a deal that was brokered by the European Union in order to disperse even numbers to its core supporters. Italy said no. Infact, according to an article by (2018, online), it has been Italy that has seen the Panama registration, of the privately-owned Aquarius ship henceforth revoked. This allows the ability to dock and undock in ports around the world. It means that it if it were to dock in a country. It would not be able to exit any port. A ploy by Rome to have the Aquarius ships activities halted.

The European Union’s inability to deal with this migrant crisis underlines the clear lack of positional judgement needed to stem the flow of illegals entering European borders. Nothing of any serious consequence is really being done. The open borders policy that the European Union is sticking by is a huge mistake. Why? It is turning countries against them. No citizen wants to live in fear of reprisals from migrants. Where they originate from is vastly different in terms of cultural ideals than what European countries are awarded. Will more people being killed by these migrants of Syria, Iraq, Somalia et al, be needed to address the problem they pose. How many people need to die before the EU has the guts to say no?

Unfortunately, because of the corruption culture that is widespread in the EU parliament, they are still able now to make wads of cash from these med crossings. They say they are fighting against human trafficking… God. They are a product of it. They are enforcing it, financing it all to line their greasy pockets. All the while everyone is none the wiser. After all, to the bureaucrats, we are just pieces in a big game of chess, easily maneuvered to bear the economic brunt.

At this point in time, the Aquarius is on her way back to France to dock in her home port of Marseilles whilst she battles to get back her Panama registration. So, in the short term, it seems as if the Italians have won a small victory in their ever-increasing disdain for the Union. I fear though that there is going to be a lot of drownings due to there not being any rescue option for them. Their flimsy boats I just don’t think are going to be able to sustain the back and forth crossings. At some point, something will give. The impact toll on human life will make the mainstream medias feelers stand up on end, they will be reporting pictures of children, the travesty that will have unfolded.

In my opinion there needs to be some serious questions being raised to do with the governments of the African countries lying along the med. It is just not enough to dump their problems onto those that live in Europe. What about incentives to stay, a no entry policy, unless you have an actual job to go to. That’s what happens in other countries. You cannot just arrive somewhere with nothing and expect the people of that country to fork out millions of Euros to sufficiently keep you in food and shelter. While you scream injustice. Is this fair at all, really?


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