The fall of the European Union

Much like the fall of the Soviet Union. The European Union is on its way to falling as well. Populist countries, Brexit. These are the fore runners of the downfall of the European Union. Over-bearing authoritarianism, on the part of the select few that make the generalised decision on the fate of the 28, Has just gone too far. Implementing bullying tactics, to get your own way is something that was fought against during both imperialistic world wars. Great Britain (as it was in those days), America stood up against this. Jeremy Hunt recently described the EU as using the same sorts of heavy handed tactics that Lenin, Stalin and the Soviet Union used against it own people. I believe that he is absolutely right in saying so. I myself, after reading about the rise and fall of the Soviet Union (a great book by the way), learnt that there is indeed parallels between the way that the EU is forcing imperialism against its members. Trying to weaken the resolve of the countries so they will ‘bend the knee’ to their demanding nature.

Why then has seemed to be these countries that are willing to stand up to the Union? Quite simply put. George Soros is buying influence of the leaders of these nations. His pockets are deep enough to finance the kind of dirty politics this presents. First and foremost, it is corruption. Look at the guiltiest countries for corrupt politicians. Romania, Croatia, Macedonia these countries have social democratic governments. They are the ones that are the biggest at fault here. It is the equivalent of the labour aristocracy. They say that they are all for the working class. But in hindsight. They are no better than the Elitists that have forced their own personal ideology onto others.

Unfortunately, the EU is caught in a rut that it has dug by itself. Now that the times have gotten tough for them, I personally see a shift in who is controlling the key decision making. When once it was Brussels, there seems to be more voice coming out of Berlin, Germany than the European capital. I speculate that, much like what the conservative party in Britain are doing with Theresa  May, they are looking for a scapegoat. They see that Angela Merkel will not survive the near future and can twist this in their favour, to shift the blame of the EU misgivings onto Germany. Who in turn tarnish any good legacy that the German Chancellor has. Trump has done the same thing with the Obama legacy. Trump was able to strip away everything that was Obama-ised.

The Union is trying so desperately to sow the fear of economic collapse, if other members do not fall back not place. However, the framework that the EU uses (one size fits all) is not relevant in the kind of playing field. Germany and its economy need a much more in-depth evaluation of infrastructure, economics or regional politics than a country like Hungary would have. Culturally vastly different. In short, each country has its own unique way of evaluating what works best for them. Not an imperialistic entity that is so drunk on power now that it has to resort to forceful antics. What ever happened to freedom of speech? Nope, they want to take that away from us too.

It is my opinion, that seeing the regular outcries from EU member states and the unwillingness for the EU to take heed. Slowly but surely, the smaller member states will be adopting the framework set out by Britain, in their own sovereign way. Something that should have been allowed but was oppressed. Take warning Juncker and Tusk. Your members are not happy, soon no amount of bribery and corruption can keep back the gates of hell. It will be your own fault. You will shift the blame, yes. But everyone that is smart enough will see that it was fat-cats that brought Europe to her knees. Not its member states.

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