Capitalism in the West and the left v right saga

I do not see myself as being right wing, rather I like to gauge what both sides of the political sphere are saying and then make a conscious decision that fits within my own beliefs. People that read this however will tangle my words, make me out to be a hard-right extremist, hell bent on bringing chaos and destruction to the world. This unequivocally is false. The West has gotten somethings right, sovereignty for example. Capitalism in the world, a western make-up is largely successful. However, capitalism comes with its own set of incongruous ideals. One such cancer that ‘comes with the territory’, is corruption.

I comment on the plight of corruption regularly. I state in my own sovereign way of thinking, that the powers; Bureaucrats and politicians are the culprits. Bringing to their knees entire economies, with one goal in mind, monetary gain. Now I am all for monetary gain. Financial freedom entitles you to accomplish and achieve that that would not be possible with a lack of funds. One good point for capitalism is that it encourages people to strive for more.capitalism

Unfortunately, as that individual accumulates his/her wealth. They become a sort of aristocracy of society. Suddenly doors start opening, connections are made. This is the moment that they see the opportunity (in their own minds), that because of power and influence, suddenly the law does not apply. Suddenly, an elitist is born, to the elitist, the law does not apply. How is an individual with a small net worth suddenly, almost overnight come about the being the owner of a seven, eight figure bank balance, without doing some sort of shady activity.

Society has a major role to play in this. It has allowed the institutions, set up to protect our freedoms, being the cause of our lack of freedom. Non-Government Organisations (NGO’S), the Open Society, human traffickers. Society has made these. The individuals at the top of these institutions and groups, were once just ordinary people, untainted. However, the curse of capitalism has tainted them, and it has turned them against the people that put them in a position of power.

Unfortunately, the other options open to us are no better, even worse than being a ‘capitalist West’. Communism does not work, we can see that by what happened with the fall of the Soviet Union, in socialism it is anarchy without a hierarchal political system. Something that socialism is opposed to and Marxism is a laughable idiocy, the labour party leader in the UK for example uses as his ethos of moving the labour party forward. All neatly packaged up so to hide his true vision for the country. I found it hilarious today seeing a video uploaded by the HuffPost, showing Jeremy Corbyn scaling an indoor rock-climbing wall. Making something out of nothing, trying to get one up on the conservative leader in the social stakes. Truly laughable. This has got to be the most blatant and obvious form of propaganda by the left in some time now. How much more staged can you get. Who goes rock climbing in a bloody suit. This is just a way of trying to propagandise leftist views on social quality.capitalism 1

It is in my opinion that living in a capitalist state is the true path that the global community should strive for, until something better comes along. I do not agree however that the institutions that have been created to ‘protect us’ should be left to their own devices. This has irrefutably been proved unhealthy. The white helmets in Syria springs to mind. So until I see anything that goes against my beliefs. I will continue to view both the left and the right with ‘a pinch of salt’. The right however, I do see as having the stronger message and clarity moving forward. Well, at least at this point in time.

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