European Union Corruption murder

Over the past year there has been four journalists murdered in Europe. The latest victim is the Bulgarian journalist Victoria Marinova, 30, working as an administrative administrator for TVN local television in Northern Bulgaria. Marinova and her colleagues were investigating claims that the European Union funding for the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, according to the committee to Protect journalists This is another case of more European Union corruption going on. So many instances of corruption by the EU continues repeatedly. Victoria obviously stumbled across something that she was not supposed to see, ultimately paying the price of that with her own life. What is being circulated to try and deviate from what is going on, is this. A man has been arrested in Germany over the death of the 30-year-old journalist. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has become so polarised, in fairness, what are we supposed to believe these days. Yes, there is truth to this, of course there is. There is on the other hand mainstream media has the tendency to sensationalise news.

Bulgarian interior minister, Mladan Marinov has come out straight away saying that ‘there is no evidence that her murder has anything to do with the corruption that she was looking in to’. He goes on further to say that it was about rape and murder’. Bulgarian police are going to be releasing more details on Monday.

Is the European Union trying to silence those that are snooping into their mis-appropriation of funds, keeping the allies to the EU safe and in a plentiful amount of funds. They sell this to the country with the promise of improving infrastructure. However, sadly enough though, the bulk of this money does not go into acquiring materials that are long lasting. Instead, money is saved by buying second rate materials, with the surplus amount being funnelled into bank accounts off-shore or in tax havens.


With more information coming to light concerning the corruption of the EU, journalists from different sectors in European media have no longer become safe. Drew Sullivan, co-founder of the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project has spoken out that the European Commission needs to launch a full investigation into the murder of Victoria Marinova. I see one big gaping hole into the problem that this will cause. Nothing will get done, at the end of the day, the EU will send in their own men to investigate, they are on the books of George Soros, everything will get swept under the rug. Even with all the growing tensions from the global community. What should be happening is there needs to be an independent investigator. Someone that has no tie to the Union or Europe, someone that has investigative knowledge when dealing with a high-profile case such as this. unfortunately, the level of corruption has spread into every corner of European society.

Let us not use this as a political gain for people to gain leverage on. This is in no way morally right. There will be people that call me a propagandist and a Russian sympathiser. But let me ask you this. All I try to do is give everyone a different perspective on what is happening, real-time in Europe. Paid people are smearing any attempt of individuals that are speaking out against tyranny. It has been people like Victoria and Jan than have paid the ultimate price for the Unions fraudulent behaviour. No body speaking out against the Union is safe. No matter what level of society you belong to. It is the right and moral duty of citizens and netizens to bring to a standstill the malicious behaviour that has destroyed Europe.

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