Planning the fall of Europe

National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our times. The only remedy for this evil is the Federal Union of the peoples. This is at the entrance of the European Parliament. The European Union has revealed its true nature: a federalist monster that will not stop at nothing until Nations in Europe have been demolished. With nations like Hungary, Italy and other Vicegrad countries, who wish to hold on to their national heritage, the EU forces mass immigration onto them. If these countries do not comply. Then we all know what happens when they do not comply. They get slapped with threats of sanctions from different EU articles. Article 7 springs to mind.


As the EU and its corrupt bureaucrats move towards creating a super federal state, they see that the way to achieve this is by the means of flooding European countries with immigrants from Africa. In doing so they break away at the very fundamental axis on which these great nations were built. In effect EU bureaucrats are carrying on the dream of one Richard Von Caudenhove-kalergi – president of the Pan European movement. He ha the ideological view of creating a new world order based on the federation of Nations (European Union). In his delusion Kalergi explained in his book Praktischer idealismus that the future of the United States of Europe would not involve people of the olden Europe. Rather it would be made up of a new race of citizens. Hence the influx of migrants from the African continent.

On this basis. What is the European Union doing? Allowing thousands of migrants to flood in from Africa. The Elite hide and mask this with propaganda such as “it is just the inevitable next step”. This is absolute nonsense. Liberal dribble, concocted by leftist bureaucrats, sitting around a table, making decisions for the everyone, as they see fir for their own self interests.

I have seen great countries erode to nothing more than a hollow shadow of their former glory. The UK when I was growing up was a country to be revered. Now though they have opened themselves up to the PC police, to people that have systematically destroyed they very fabric of what made Britain ‘Great’. And now to show for it. The UK is an openly sensitive pile of, mess, one that an individual should be ashamed of.

Germany feels ashamed of its genocidal past. They are doing everything they can, just to distance themselves with that shameful past. In doing so they have become laxed and under the thumb of EU bureaucrats, who are taking advantage of this lax in reasoning. Their economy is the largest in the European bloc. In this case they have a very large amount of political power over the smaller members of the bloc. Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany has single handedly destroyed the political integrity of the country. All with the view of helping the Union forward their plans of creating this United States of Europe. In comes the AfD (Alternative for Germany), just look what she has created. A right-wing party that continues to grow in popularity. Not since the days of Hitler has there been a right-wing party in the German Bundestag. Though I do not agree totally with what they stand for. They are helping to make citizens aware of the atrocities made by the German Chancellor.

Finally, the people of Europe have awakened from their stupor. Finally, citizens of proud European nation states have stood up to the European dictatorship. Power to the people. Unfortunately, there will always be some liberal leftie that sees the world as an “altogether in harmony man”. These people are deluded and need their heads checked. It is because of people like this that we are fighting for our national pride. Stop being so overly sensitive and being afraid to offend others at times.

Power to the people!!!!

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