The German Chancellor pitfalls

The latest political figures stress that Angela Merkel has dwindled her last remaining support. Losing the latest round of polling. It is the German Chancellors wish that she steps down as Chancellor in 2021. But will Friedrich Merz leader of the AfD, right wing party allow something like this to occur. He is after all the front runner to replace Angela Merkel in the federal elections. Let us not forget that there is also the likes of Steve Bannon, Matteo Salvini, Giuseppe Conte and Viktor Orban. These high-profile players in the European geopolitical landscape will no doubt have a say in how this political feud will eventually play out.

In my opinion. There is no way that the forward marching right-wing party of Germany will allow the leftist puppet of George Soros to keep her decision-making power for another 3 years. The like of Merkel and co have already started in motion the desolation of Europe with corruption, ideologies and grouping of individuals. This grouping of individuals creates paradigms that have extreme adverse effects on the society that they dwell in. Once upon a time there was a sense that there was a unity between all human being. Unfortunately, there has been this leftist push that has created a divided and broken society. Right throughout Europe.

What Angela Merkel has tried, unsuccessfully to achieve is a sense of ‘making up for the genocidal past of Germany’. That is, she takes in all these hard done by migrants. That somehow in her own ideological thinking, she is making up for that dark part of German history. No one likes talking about the fact that Germany murdered people for in the seek of perfection. With that past, the world will never forget. No amount of wishing upon a star will magically bring peoples view about Germany around.

This influx of people I am referring to is the migrant that are escaping their own countries I search of the green, green grass of Europe. When war was ravaging their countries, people had a sympathetic view on these illegals. However, there is a time now that the wars that drove them seeking refuge have gone. Why is it that the Germans and European Union should decide on whether these people should be allowed asylum now? Now that what once drove them away is now no longer an influence?

I agree that not enough is being done on the African side. Thousands of people have died making the perilous journey over the Mediterranean. These deaths are on the European Union, Germany and Frances shoulders. It is their burden to bare. Why should normal citizens have to pay with their own free liberties to have other uncultured individuals set up camp in their country?

What was once a clear majority for the German Chancellor has now turned into a show of ‘fight for survival’ and although she has been a political survivor for thirteen years. Her tenure has come to an end. I make comparison here to the United Kingdom prime minister. Where she has made some rash unforgiving decisions that have ultimately ruined any dynasty that she could hope to cement. She will always be remembered as the prime minister that bungled Brexit. Very much the same as Angela Merkel, only she was the orchestrator of the downfall of Europe as we know it.

Gone are the days of grouping people into sub categories. Look at the impact that is having throughout, not just Europe but also the world. It is damaging, dangerous and it simply cannot go on. This grouping has created a culture of people thinking that it is ok to allow people to come and go as they please. To set up camp anywhere they wish. Liberals abolished political correctness, now look where it has gotten us. Youths running amuck, parents too scared to discipline their children, livelihoods put in jeopardy, lives put at risk through living next door to illegals. Bring on the 2019 European Elections. I cannot wait for the day of reckoning. The day that people make a push back against all this neoism.


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