Going after the mainstream media

In my previous blogs I have been taking aim at the European Union and with further extension, the continent. As I have an opinion, I feel that there are certain rules that one needs to adhere to when stating a personal opinion. It is ok to cite different sources, as long as they pertains to what you are stating your opinion on. We live in a world nowadays of social media, likes, dislikes, filters and people that make millions off of the backs of maximising these trends. Instagram springs to mind. Individuals are able to mould future fashion trends and ideas, people are able to interact with one another, with relative ease. It seems that the world is at our finger tips. The decisions we make, we think are our own. This is so very far from reality. I wish our own thoughts were constructed of our own free volition. Truth has it, the human race is no more than a mindless flock of sheep. If this offends people, which it most probably will. I am not sorry. It is fact. We are influenced by outside factors that steer us into making a decision based on some algorithm hatched up by a group of marketing gurus. So, if we are able to be manipulated into wearing a specific item of clothing, or say, buying a specific brand we therefore certainly do not have the free will power to consciously come to a conclusion of what to believe to be right or wrong. Fundamentally this is being made for us.


One such avenue is that of the media. I live in the United Kingdom and sadly I have gone from adoring the birth place of my father, to that of gross discontent. This has been fuelled, overall, by the English media. It is unethical and shows a clear lack of humility when it comes to reporting on the true facts. Instead the major networks here lay out there prescriptivist ideology, wrap it up in an intricately woven news broadcast and boom. Next thing, they become the true instigators propagandist news.


No longer are these broadcast networks a reliable source of information. For years leading up to the fall of the left, it was very much seen as ‘gospel’, what mainstream media news was telling you. A  turning point in ethical journalistic values gave way to globalist, unionist, elitists that use their corrupt positions of power to influence ‘sell-out’ mainstream media moguls. The power that these elitists have over the way that the public have blinkers on is very dangerous indeed. In my opinion, it is people like me and others that give their opinions on what is really going on are becoming a sort of concrete block for how the news should be viewed as. What is the point of only having one news source? We do not live in a unilateral state. Unfortunately, that is what the world is coming to.


If it wasn’t for sovereign thinkers like Donald Trump, Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson the world would still be subdued in an infinite loop of idiocy. And here we go again. Mainstream media seek to destroy these sovereign thinkers because it is a direct threat to the cosy world that these elitists have been living in, they are able to use this tool of propagandist misinformation to influence how we view and see what they want us to view and see. People being upset with the President of the United States of America, that he is tackling the toxic issues that have plague the world for decades, viewing Elon Musk as a degenerate and pot smoker, all for having a joint. I don’t condone that. But it surely does not make him a degenerate of any structural meaning of the word. My favourite is how the left go time after time after Jordan Peterson. I have watched many of his YouTubes videos and the way he systematically dismantles each and every reporter that tries to portray him as being unstable and belonging to the radical right, is a laugh in itself. The man is gar too intelligent to become a target of the lefts personal vendetta against him.

Saying that. The media here in the UK will stop at nothing to grab a bite of a juicy story. Look at what happened to the loving Princess Diana. Members of the media, rather than helping to save the poor womans life. Took photos for news stories instead.


The media here has forgotten what it truly means to be independent and non-influential. At the end of the day a journalist should be impartial. Not a vassal for conceptualised prescriptivist views and opinions. The media should be seen as a fair and honest facilitator of news and current events.  Not a laughing stock of industry.

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