The Fiasco going on in the French Republic

In the world where Brexit has been taking front and centre stage. It is interesting to look at what has been going on over the ditch in France. So, what has the French President been up to. As I have friends that live in France, in their opinion Mr Macron needs to go. He is implementing policy that directly affects the small people, the hard-working individuals that fight each and every day to scrape out a living.

So, what is the latest nail in his coffin? A fuel tax that has seen mass protests around France. Individuals have taken to the streets in protest. So far two people have been killed over this policy decision. Furthermore, others are protesting by bringing the flows of traffic to a snail pace after police                                      intervention when they were bringing traffic to a standstill.

It is my opinion that the French residents are only doing what the country

French flag is famous for. That is being strongly nationalistic. Taking a stand against the ruling class. It is shown even in their national anthem, La Marseille “Marchons ! Marchons!”. A reference to the French marching against the tyranny of the elitist ruling class. In Macrons view though it is his view that the very patriotism that France was built on has no place in French society.

One interesting pitch that he has made, brought to the forefront whilst the American president was visiting to remember the centenary of World War one, was the idea that should be a European army. This is absurd, when the European parliament itself is divided. Who wins out of every member of the EU? France. They are the final nuclear country left in the European Union. They would become the head country that would provide arms. They are after all the second largest arms dealer in Europe, and with how Germany has turned into a passivist, France would turn out to be the aforementioned arms dealer to this ‘European Army”. Unfortunately, the more that individuals talk about this issue, the more it is going to a realty.

Where has Mr Macrons close ally Angela Merkel been in all this? Well, she is on her way out so there is not a lot that Ms Merkel is going to be able to do but try to give moral support. The German chancellor is no longer in a position to call the shots on what goes on in Europe. In my opinion both Macron and Merkel have been systematically bringing Europe to its knees. Unfortunately, the time to reverse all the damage that the two have done cannot be reversed. All that is possible now is to stem the flow of the travesty that has unfolded.

All I can say to my friends and the people of France is this. Do not let the ruling class dictate how you should live your lives. History shows that you will always stand up and take a stand, “even if they fall our young heroes”.

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