The Proxy war waged by the West on the Russian federation

What could be construed as an act of war on the part of the Russian federation, after analysing the situation seems to turn out to be nothing more than a political endeavour for the Ukraine president to garner support for his dwindling 8% poll stats, which both internal and western media put the incumbent president at. The victor of the 2014 overthrow, Porochenko only controls a small amount of the country. Actually, the other candidates, nobody has more than 22%. But that is for another blog. What this blog is about is that confrontation that has taken place in the Kerch strait and the azoff sea. So why has Porochenko suddenly evoked martial law. Not even under the Yanukovich presidency and the 2014 riots, or the conflict that took place in Crimea, martial law was not even put into effect.

Earlier last month there was a capture of territory in Eastern Ukraine that was designated ‘neutral’ territory. this being so close to the Donbass, Russian held region. The Russians however did not bite. They just let the Ukrainian’s take this geographical land. So, when this land attack did not provoke the Russian federation. It therefore changed tacks and chose to use the Kerch strait to propagate the Russian aggression claims, made by the western media. I have watched the video, with the full sound of the sailors, screaming ‘back’, ‘back’, ‘back’ along with Russian foul language. What I can see has happened is that from the clip released shows the Ukrainian tug boat veers straight into the line of the Russian vessel. With nowhere to go, the inevitable was going to occur.

This is the result of what Porochenko has been trying to achieve when he tried provoking Russians on land. Now, you see that martial law suddenly comes in to force. Why is this relevant? Well in the Ukraine martial law is considerably brutal. It enables greater laws to be passed onto the governing president. This just happens to be the struggling Western backed oligarch, Porochenko. In martial law now in force, he is now in the position to push back the presidential election to a later date. Thus, the West keeps their regime that they support, furthermore, the west can keep its political control in the country.

What happened is atrocious yes, somebody clearly needs to be held responsible. But do you not think that this has taken it a step too far? A struggling president is going to the extreme steps in creating chaos in order to stay in power. This is poetic justice, this is fundamentally a destructive path that Porochenko is taking. A do not think that Ukraine is looking for conflict with Russia. They are only setting in the steps that the president needs to stay in power. Politics are a vicious game obviously in Ukraine.

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