Yellow vest protests

french nationalism


This weekend will mark the 5th round of yellow vest protests against the globalist, elitist French president Emmanuel Macron. What started out as a protest the rise of fuel tax, marked with small gatherings of outraged French residents blocking road ways and drawing traffic to a meat trickle. Has blown out of the control of the interior government and has now seen widespread clashes with police. Fuel tax hikes are no longer the only subject that this movement has come to demand. Different working-class sectors have joined the movement, demanding fare justice for what they see as the Elite lording it over the lesser, vulnerable people. What the president of France has seemed to not take into consideration, much because he has become disassociated with the French public is that the French republic was built on nationalism. The French revolution was a fight against the French elite. Much of what is happening in France, in 2018, with these protests has been a corner stone of freedom fighters in times gone by.

While the bulk of the protests have been concentrated in the centre of Paris around its major landmarks, with tear gas filling the streets like fog. I have a friend that is himself a part of the Calais ‘yellow vest’ movement. Now Calais has seen its own fair share of violent outbreaks. It was not that long ago that the Calais jungle was burnt down and destroyed. Due to unhealthy and unsanitary living conditions of immigrants searching for a better life. Once again Calais sees itself standing up for the rights of its citizens. Below is a short clip of such yellow vest protests from a previous weekend that saw people take to the streets and voice their disgust in the ruling party.


yellow vest movement


What Macron has now got to contend with is the threat that this movement is starting to move off his shores. It is already garnering tabloid news in Israel and because of the reporting by every news agency, world over. There is a growing concern that this movement could well be showing itself to be a rung in a ladder that is fuelling dissent and anger towards the way that an elitist society is able to just do what ever they please. I must say, it was not that long ago, perhaps two months prior that I was commenting on the fact that people had woken up to the fact that they were being screwed by an elitist group of bureaucratic, elitist individuals. It was them that were making the decisions for the small folk and thinking that it was in their best interests. To see the way to Utopia was only laid out by how these individuals saw that Utopia as what it was.

A load of bollocks!!!!!!

I however was wrong on one count. I believed it was going to be the English that stuck it to Europe. That the English were going to show the way to deal with the powers that sit in their high-back chairs in Europe. I was wrong. It seems that when push comes to shove. That it is the French that indeed know how to take a stand against injustice and prevail. Instead of standing up to what is right. The government in the UK instead decided to shy away from the big bad Elitist culture of Europe. Leave it to the French to make a stand for what is right and just in the world. Let the world hope that this movement we are seeing in France turns out to be a worldwide movement. One that can take a proud side with the populist movement that we are witnessing sweeping the globe.


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