What the French mainstream media and government dont want you to see.

As the 5th round of protests got under way from Calais in the North, Paris and don to the Mediterranean villages of the south of France. All rang out in unison against the policies forced upon them by a globalist, Elitist puppet. Macron thinks that he can make a few concessions, and all will be forgiven. But nothing changes. The elite still ‘get away with murder’, the working class are still oppressed. The Yellow vest is seen as the working mans movement. What started off as small-scale demonstrations, now has spread into a regime toppling movement. Who will not stop until the heads of government are ousted.

It was widely publicized by the French mainstream media that there had been a reduction in the numbers of yellow vest protestors. The French government, using this as leverage to show the world that the protests were slowing down. Now on the surface this, to the outside world would seem to be just the case. After all the people that are not at ground zero, how are we supposed to know any different.  After much research. I managed to come across this. It shows toll booths on the major motorway leading into Paris. Here there is law enforcement that are searching vehicles and stopping people from entering the city. Also, it goes on to state that the subways and train system were also not in service from outside Paris. This is all the crack down that Emanuel Macron aimed for. To oppress the French people from their fundamental rights as citizens.


There are unconfirmed reports that indeed the French government is buying off the journalists and editors of major news outlets, in order for them to influence the outcome of these protests. This is indeed a very serious situation if it is found to be true. This is corruption of the highest magnitude. A French government buying the support of influencers. Those who reach millions of citizens each and every day. This is dark news indeed. It is truly unfortunate though. As we all know. Money talks. And money can definitely make something disappear if need be.

There is something that not even money or the crooked French media can do. That is take away the sovereign thinking of the French public. They have started something and are hell bent on seeing it through to the end. Nothing will be sufficient enough other than the resignation of Emanuel Macron. To concede as little as he did, to buy the mainstream media off is nothing short of criminal. He should be brought before justice and made to pay for the shambles that the republic now sees themselves in. It was his ‘vision’ of Utopia that led the once sovereign nation to its knees. Citizens see Macron as a joke, a joker, a character you do not really take seriously.

The media however will tell you differently. After all it is the elite that control state mainstream media. It would not be beneficial for the elite to lose their puppet. How could they keep oppressing citizens otherwise? The need for mainstream media is gone. News sources are freely available from collective sources. Should we take the word of these so called ‘journalists’ as gospel? No way. In this day and age, with the free access to online experiences, the control over what was taken as the word are long gone. Soon the world will know what atrocities are being played out by French media outlets. How is it possible that they are able to get away with something so deceitful and devious. I will say this. The French cabinet are playing a very dangerous game if they are lining the pockets of media influencers to advance their own ideological views. 1968 saw the uprising of the student movement and 1768 saw the French revolution. Just from what history tells us. It does not bode well for the elitist class and the subgroups that they have in cahoots with them.

The protests will continue. More blood will be drench the pavements of Paris and French cities. The only question is this. How long will it take until enough is enough and Macron concedes and steps down? Until then violence and destruction will rain down the rains of Castemere on French cities.

So, I leave you with one last afterthought. Is it right for the mainstream to concoct lies and spread fake news about ‘the heralding of the end of this movement’? No longer can the French mainstream be held as a reliable news source. Furthermore, should the mainstream media be criminally held accountable for their actions against the republic?


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