Assassination attempt in Serbia

Corruption is a plague that affects us all. It is the citizens of this world that stand up to the authoritarian elite that ultimately pay the most sacrilegious of cost- their lives. Back in October I wrote a blog about the widespread corruption of European Union funds in Bulgaria. That the journalist that was unearthing this corruption was murdered by pro EU hitmen. It seems that as soon as someone gets close to bringing to light the atrocities that are played out by certain members of society, that they are ‘silenced’.

I now bring your attention to the assassination attempt of a journalist in the Serbian capital- Belgrade. Milan Jovanovic was targeted by pro-government forces after he brought to light corruption of the highest grade by local government.

It will not be in the self interest of the mainstream media to report on an incident such as this. Any kind of corruption that goes on in Europe is quickly silenced. European countries are in enough trouble as it is when it comes to handling corruption and meddling claims. It only takes a quick google search to uncover articles that relate to this matter. And low and behold. None of the main media outlets have reported on this issue. That may all change, as there now is growing protest to the government and its heavy-handed verbal and physical attacks on the people that openly speak out against the Serbian government. Serbian prime minister Ana Brnabić was quoted as saying ‘Media in Serbia are free, anyone can criticize the government’. Contradictory to say the least. An outspoken journalist had to flee his own home amid fears for his safety after Molotov cocktails were thrown at his house, along with a barrage of gunfire to try stop escape from the inferno that had engulfed Milanovic’s home.

There have been peaceful protests from the people on the ground. Marching under the slogan ‘stop to bloody shirts’. A protest took place days after the incident that occurred on the 11th December, around 20,000 demanded the halt of violence. However, the Serbian president, has been quoted as saying ‘March around as much as you want to, I will never meet any of your demands. Not even if five million of you gather’.


This has the potential for international condemnation from global communities. This step taken by the president in the case that he will not listen to the people that put him in power shows a clear lack of democratic values. Such values that the European Union prides itself on. How can an entity such as the EU take on a member such as Serbian republic when the republic objectifies and subjectifies its citizens? Throughout Europe there is a sense of openness and equality. I am sorry, but these are just not the traits that the country of Serbia practices.

There is another protest to be held this coming Saturday, again in Belgrade. In my opinion we will see more people taking to the streets. It seems to be a trend that is sweeping mainland Europe now. The tension that has arisen from numerous events over the past year have culminated in the outburst by the everyday person. The chain of events seems to be carrying on. So good luck to Milan Jovanovic and all the rest of the journalists that put themselves in harm’s way, for truth and justice to prevail.

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