The French protest turned revolution

With the festive season well into swing, let us take a moment and think about the French citizens that are standing up to the system. The ones that are risking their personal safety from police brutality. As the weeks pass there has been no let up in the anger felt on the streets. The French government is still working with the mainstream media to smear any attempt at solidarity between the opposition ranks. We all must admit that it has gone past the mere fact that this is about fuel hikes. That was last months news.

yellow vest france


The fact that this movement has built on what is wrong with the system. Just shows how much the whole political system is flawed. Not just in France but right around the globe. Belgrade is seeing tens of thousands of people march against the government, with near fatal consequences, the Viktor Orban stance against the authoritarian rule of the European Union, the Vicegrad group saying no longer will it take in migrants from African nations. A middle finger up to the dictatorship that is the EU. The spread of populism is bringing to light the plague of elitism to the forefront of people’s minds. The radical leftist groups are hell bent on keeping to the status quo. Rather than fracturing the very essence of our society, is it not better to come together and straighten out the tearing of the social status?

french protestor

For Christ sake. People are dying in the name of justice. Ten people so far have lost their lives to the dictatorship of the French government. Thousands more have been injured, including police officers. And yet it goes on. The elitists trying desperately to sweep everything under the rug. They are doing a fine job of it so far. Making false promises, blocking protestors from entering major cities, calling on the media to spread fake news and false stories. Like I have said before. I believed it would be the English that led the way in the fight against authoritarianism, to lead the fight against the corruption of the EU. I have admitted I was wrong. The opportunity for the brits to take that post have well and truly gone. The French are taking up that mantle. Leading the way against elitism and their implementation of harsh, unwise policies, only benefiting themselves and screwing the everyday Joe Blogs.

french revolt


If you are reading this then you have a fair bit of intellect to notice that change comes the power of the people, true change comes from standing up and saying NO, NO WAY!!! So just take 5 minutes out of your busy day to stop and think long and hard about how your local council, your government is handling the key issues. Are they side swiping the important questions, are they unwilling to co-operate? If so, alarm bells should immediately start ringing. Why should it be the small guy that takes the brunt of what your government has done. If nothing gets said, then there will be ZERO change. In effect you are indirectly the product of all that is wrong in the world. Harsh words maybe yes. But instead of being butterflies. Stand up, take some pride in yourself and voice your concerns against the system. In no way should politician’s and the powers that be hold themselves in higher regard than yourself.

viva la revolution

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