Reasons behind the failure of the European Union. Will anything be done to curb its destruction?

I have been taking an in-depth look at how the European Union has been internally destroying itself. Let us look at the reasons why a once hailed ‘Utopian solution’ to bringing European citizens together, under ‘one roof’. From the research I read through from online articles and you tube channels. From their analysis I have ascertained that there is a whole plethora of reasons why the Union is failing. Firstly, there is the idea that the time depth of the union is only 25 years. Extending on that it has taken under its umbrella 27 European nations. Twenty-five years has been not long enough to create the proper individual strata’s that adhere to the needs of multi-ethnic national ideologies. Each member state have their own laws and regulations for governing their own countries.

Secondly, having one central city, making decisions that are supposed to benefit every block member is a stab in the dark that brings its own sets of problems. Economically speaking each member state has vastly different economic budgets for starters. As such, a member state like Germany or France, EU powerhouse number 1 and 2 are both in a stronger position to hold themselves superior above smaller countries like Greece or the Cypriots. The Greek cooked their own books to manipulate the bigger nations into agreeing EU membership terms. In my opinion the Greeks should never have been put in the kind of situation that lead to their EU membership being accepted. The point is they were not able to economically afford the membership. So here we have a chink in the armour of the Union. Germany being the super glue that holds together the Union took upon themselves to lobby in favor for bailout after bailout for the Greeks. Inevitably crippling them for a decade. Even now the affects from the bailouts are still being felt.

Why should this have even happened? Germany and other large nations should have had enough sense to know better. But because of bureaucratic meddling from all sides. The Greeks paid the ultimate price. Rioting, austerity, privatisation of its prized and valuable national monuments. All for the sake of paying back a national debt that was the product of Eurocrats.

Let us now look at how the EU has changed into an authoritarian state. Case and point… Poland firstly. The citizens of Poland stood up to the might of the EU and in plain terms said no to bureaucratic policies that are crippling Europe. How did the EU respond?? With its full might is what it did. T evoked article 7. An article that we were going to see later with Hungary and its President Viktor Orban. Thea article which was designed 16 years ago was drafted to make member nations accountable for fundamental rights violations. It was triggered against Poland for breaching European common values and laws. It was threatened against Hungary. It is in my opinion though that because of the public outcry by not just people in Hungary, but right across Europe. That EU top dogs sitting in Brussels backed down. Consequently, Hungary and its President have become one of the most outspoken critics of the EU and what it represents.

The rise of populism sweeping through Europe has emboldened the Right to tackle the real issues that the radical left have consciously known about, but instead have left to manifest and grow like cancer. Instead of having a structured hierarchy, one that serves the people of Europe properly, the leftist way of thinking is that of ‘lets become more egalitarian’. This is wrong, on so many levels. Studies on, ill use Scandinavia as example, because that’s all the radical left portray utopia as being. Studies show that as a country becomes more egalitarian, the wider the constructs of society become. Why would the left, who are all for the working man, want to build a society based on this ideology? It just seems insane to me. Also, how can society keep above board when there is no structure to society at all. Instead are we supposed to all walk around like pansy snowflakes? I would rather have a system that has clear structure to it. In doing so, not everyone will be pleased. That is to be expected. After all there is no pleasing everyone. But that is why you have the left, for disenfranchised people of whom moan and winge about being subjected. Reality check radical leftists. Just because you do not get your own way does not mean that you take it upon yourself to create political upheaval and dissent within society. Suck it up and stop fracturing the very fabric of society. You have been doing this for the past 50 years. Why can’t you just stop your stupidity and act like rational adults.

I feel very strongly about this. The left is a cancer on society that have fractured ruined once prosperous nations, stripped them of their national heritage and gone so far as to condemn anything that might be in the slightest, offensive to people. I’m getting back to the whole pansy snowflake comment, but you get my gist.

In previous blogs I have commented on how the Union of Europe is a sinking ship. With the axing of Angela Merkel as chancellor. The EU has lost its matriarch. In France at the moment there are regular protests against the central, globalist government that is driving the economy in the ground. A post by the New York times makes the assumption that it does not matter who replaces Angela Merkel as leader, that Germany is already broken, next in line is France. A once reliable ally to the block. However, its President has run the country into the ground. No longer does the government see how it has destroyed the republic.

This is gigantism at play here. The case that you get too big for your own good. What occurs is that you become disconnected with the real reasons that put you in a place of power in the first place. You start living a lifestyle that you once fought tooth and nail against. You have become a product of what you once despised. Same goes with the real political players in Europe. Suddenly laws and policies that are thought to be the best for everyone, suddenly turn out to be catastrophic to the people that it affects. Hence you get protests on the streets from people that feel cheated by corrupt authoritarian leaders and their idelogues. Protests in Germany saw the overthrowing of Angela Merkel because she thought that letting in immigrants was the right thing to do for German public, protests in Hungary, Poland, Belarus, France, Spain, Italy. These are all countries that in some way have been affected by the authoritarian rule of bureaucrats sitting in Brussels of all places, dishing out policy after policy that has crippled Europe.

Many journalists have pointed to the fact that 2019 is going to be the year that we are going to see what direction the Union is going to go in. Will the Eurocrats finally sit up and take heed of what is actually happening? Or will the EU parliamentary elections see a new wave of political reforms? Ones that will shift the whole political spectrum of how Europe is governed. Personally, I cannot wait to see what happens come the new year. What exciting times lie ahead? We already know the UK is leaving the Union. But how long will it take for other disenfranchised sovereign states to follow suit. We will see come 29th of March. Also, in May there is the EU elections. This above all else is going to be the most pivotal to the way in which Europe is going to be shaped in the future.




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