Gillet Jaunes/Yellow Vest Movement moving beyond France now.

With the Christmas festivities closing out and we are welcoming in a new world. What better way than to shed light on the movement that has started in France and has migrated its way throughout the European mainland. If you look on twitter under the hashtag gilletjaunes, there shows all the protests from Saturdays ‘taking to the streets.’ Once again, the mainstream media are misdirecting the truth facts of what is going on in real-time. However, let us look at how this movement is gathering traction in other parts of Europe. It is up to the independent citizens to speak truth and without bias.

Yellow vest protests are erupting on the streets of both Belgium and the Netherlands. These two countries have been the latest to stand up and be heard against authoritarian governments. Governments that have become so detached from society that they are unable to grasp what the working-class longs for. These sovereign nations want at last for their voices to be heard, to not be brushed off with political jargon and gobble de gook. Is it wrong for Belgium and the Netherlands to want their freedoms back? In the plainest of answers. No, it is not.

What leaders of countries have to realise is that if you oppress people, then you are going to get back lash as a result? I understand that the police are there to ‘keep the peace’. But how can they sleep at night when the product of their own brutality is fuelling the fires of rebellion. Protests right around France, in Belgium and with the Dutch, all started out peacefully. It was not until the strong arm of the law showed themselves that all hell broke loose, and lawlessness descended onto the streets. How can the ruling governments condone such actions? Lives are being lost, blood is being spilt, people are being injured, regularly. Why does this continue? Why is there not peace when the police come? It is because of the orders handed to them from the people in power. Unfortunately, I draw comparison here to the days of the Soviet Union. Where speaking out against the government was dealt with by brute force. That is what we are seeing on the streets of Paris, oppression of the working class, that is what has started occurring on the streets of Belgium as well as the violent brutality by police in the Netherlands.

One thing is very clear though. You can not stop the will of the people, once they want change. It was only on Thursday that the Gillet Jaunes tried to commandeer Emanuel Macrons Riviera retreat. Again, police presence and riot police were dispensed to push the protestors back. Protests outside the Bank of France descended into chaos when fires were lit. Pictures show streams of tear gas being fired at Gillet Jaunes.

Don’t take it just from me. The footage that is being uploaded to #Gilletjaunes is very alarming indeed. All you need to o is look and see how the police, with weapons, tear gas and with fully clad armour are brutally subjecting people that want nothing more than the very best form their own government. Fuel tax rise was only the spark that lit the fire. One of which has created a roaring inferno. People, drastic action was necessary to bring those that were responsible for the demise of the country, to their knees. Left unchecked bureaucrats think that they are free and able to do what they please when they please, embezzle money to fancy holidays, nice cars, extensions on their homes. All the while average Joe Blogs on the street struggles to make ends meet-a result of the policies made by the globalist, elitist, authoritarian, Eurocratic few. When will people learn their lessons. That oppression is a deadly cocktail. One that we are seeing blow up in the faces of those in power.