What went on in France NYE was something that has not played into the hands of the French President

It was billed as a continuum of voice against the elitist, globalist government of France. For days there had been hype about a resurgence of yellow vests. Of course, the corrupt French media, paid for by Macron, twisted and manipulated the truth into a travesty of biblical proportions. This is what they drip fed to the people of France and the international community. Nothing could have been far from the truth. An extra 140,000 police troop presence across France. I am no mathematician, but these numbers seem vastly disproportionate to the supposed numbers already on the ground. A slight of hand by the mainstream media.

info wars

I was following events through the night and into the early morning. None of what the media initially were describing actual came to fruition. Branded an @angry mob@ by the French president himself in his NYE speech. This from a president that has become disconnected with what the French public want… A voice. Yes, the French are always striking. For good reason. They actually stand up against the system. If there is something wrong. They do their best to make the voice heard. Everything from the Gillet Jaunes has been loud, its been in your face. It has been effective. Right around the world people know what is going on in France. Even if this news may be fake news, as I have no doubt there is-they know the something monumental is happening.

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On NYE, instead of bringing the whole of Paris into a hell pit, all was needed to show they were not going away was the presence of the Gillet Jaunes in the crowds of revellers that were enjoying themselves and ringing in the new year, 2019. No riot police, no pepper spray, no blood shed. This will be turned by the media into something that will praise the work of the government, and how the police showed resilience in the faces of an @angry mob’. This is purely not true. An angry mob would not disrupt celebratory festivities. Presence. That’s all it took. This in my opinion is a right middle finger to Emanuel Macron. That he did not get the disorder and chaos that he would have been able to malignly feed off to further try to disrupt a movement that, by each day is getting bigger and stronger and will eventually create so much dissention within parliament that he will be forced to resign. The current government will survive. For a short time anyway. Until fresh elections are called.

So where to from here then? The mainstream media will no doubt report that the protests have disbanded. No. I believe that this coming Saturday. There will be an increased presence of demonstrators. Fresh from their recovery of drunken partying. Hit them hard France. Show the elitists they can no longer oppress and silence you. After all, it was only at the start of last year that the police themselves were protesting against the lack of services. It is very hypocritical of them to use the same brute force that they were protesting only 366 days ago. In 2017 there was cars being set alight, chaos had ruled the streets on NYE then. France didn’t just put extra police on patrol to oppress the yellow vests. They were put there because lessons of the past had been learned. This is not what the mainstream will tell you though. After all that would not be in the interests of their masters: Emanuel Macron and his cronies.

Let us see what the new year has installed for the future of the political class and the Yellow vest movement. How big can it get? And is it in danger of getting too big and imploding in on itself?


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