Jupiters ‘Last measure!!’ against the Yellow Jackets

The French President Emanuel Macron, ‘Jupiter’. has come out with a ‘last measure’ against the Yellow Vests. A prohibition of large protests. That anyone seen with a mask or anything that is deemed threatening to the republic will be arrested. Furthermore, it was the French police themselves that asked the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe for special permissions to instantly send the protestors that were convicted, straight to prison. This in itself is totally wrong. It goes against fundamental human rights that are afforded to citizens. I likened the French police as being the foot soldiers of the French President. However, now it seems as though they are capitalising on the weak position that the government are in. The fact government are having to put in measures to stop very day people from expressing their own rights to fair justice .Edouard Philippe had made a name for himself when he adopted the fight against terrorism and internal security law. But should this law take into account the fact that it is every day people that are protesting? How is it a security concern when there are people of every walk of life that are in unison expressing their right to protest against a system that is broken and must change.

Justice however is not being dished out fairly. Brutality on the part of the police, the Didier Andrieux incident, shows police believe they have special privileges to do what ever they want to. When incidents like these come out. It is not the media that will report on this. It shines the republic in a bad light. But the scenes are being broadcast around the world of violent scenes, made by a minority of the movement. There is a vision portrayed by mainstream media of anarchy, chaos and total unrest.

Emanuel Macron likened the violence seen in Act viii to that of the terrorist group ISIS that killed Charlie Hebdo. How can a leader make such an outlandish claim as this? Citizens of France are not terrorists. To be likened in the same context is a show of vision that is severely distorted, treasonous words such as these are a backup the claim from the French people that he is an elitist, a globalist and a part of French society that no longer holds a place in the republic.

emanuel macron


Why should bureaucrats have special privileges, tax breaks and special treatment when the people on the street suffer in silence. The government in France, along with its bought media have committed an act of treason against the republic. This movement will not stop until the right change will happen. The RIC, an entity endorsed by the elite is a step in the right direction. However, they refuse to let the GJ be a part of this. Anything that will not allow any of the GJ be a part of cannot be a viable solution to the issues that are being faced.

a united front

This Saturday comes Act IX. Already the president has said that there will be an extra 80 000 police on the streets right across France. In my opinion this will not deter a voice that cannot be quashed with threats and hollow words. The media has twisted the factual basis of what is happening to show that people are just going to these protests to create violence. The Yellow Jackets are being victimised by the media and by its own government. A government that should be taking note of the unrest shown. Instead they are sitting behind closed doors and creating orders that are crippling the people on the street.

french protestor


So, till they take note, each and every single day there will continue to be widespread disruption. Not because the are terrorists. It is because they are a product of oppression.


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