Christophe Dettinger. A peoples hero

There has been a lot of controversy to come out of Act viii on Saturday the 5th. After a lull in the supporters turning out, there was a massive surge in the amount of people that were at ground zero. The police were not in a position to deal with it. Being led into a false sense of security. They thought that the tides were changing in their favour. They had been falsely told by politicians and media alike that the movement had began to run out of steam. Man were they wrong. Under prepared and with a lack of clear leadership. It seemed that the Gendarmerie were just having an off day. What did they do? The police started using unnecessary force to oppress the growing crowds. What had started off as a peaceful march. Soon took on the form of the kind of scenes witnessed on the many social media platforms. I do not include the mainstream media channels in this because I do not believe that they are reporting without bias the true facts of what is happening.




Case and point: There are videos circulating on Facebook and other platforms that show the 37-year-old French boxer, Christophe Dettinger, jumping over a railing on a Paris Bridge and going to the aid of his fellow Gillet Jaunes. When they were being pepper sprayed directly in the face. The video shows him start to batter the shield of one particular officer, repeatedly hitting him back up the bridge, as fellow Gillet Jaunes joined him in the march back up the side of the bridge. The  second video shows, what is to be believed as Christophe Dettinger kicking a gendarmerie whilst he was on the ground. This is bad for him if it is proven that it is him. Unfortunately, when men are in that kind of situation and fists and batons and shields are flying. It is easy to forget yourself and become lost in the hype and emotion of the situation. It is a video that could be incriminating. The Paris bridge video only shows him hitting the shield of the gendarmerie. Not the actual officer himself. But as time will tell, justice will prevail. After all. This is what a democracy is all about.


He is a towering man and a professional boxer. But this guy took on fully fitted riot police with baton’s, riot shields and helmets. Why you may ask? Christophe Dettinger himself has been a part of the grass roots movement all those 8 weeks ago. He, like so many other people have stood up to the tyranny of the oppressors, namely the French government and elitist culture. He was passionately showing that if in the case the police use unnecessary force. Then the people are not going to sit by whilst government forces use what ever means necessary in the pursuit of their oppressive agenda. Taxes, pensions, globalists, elitists, just some of the many things that Dettinger felt it necessary enough to stand up to the riot police at that very moment. When he saw there were others in trouble, others being cruelly set upon by an over zealous police force. His inner beliefs took over. He is a guy that feels very strongly about the plight that the small people find themselves in. This is what Jupiter and his cronies do not understand.  It has gotten to the point that the people have no longer the will to carry on with the status quo. Dettinger was one of these people that felt strongly enough to say NO!!!


police brutality 2


I will now draw your attention to a member of the police force that himself used unnecessary force against innocent protestors. His name, Didier Andrieux. This brute, without malice just starts battering innocent bystanders. I ask you, where was the justice for this guy? While Dettinger was held in police custody, Didier Andrieux was instead cleared by a judge, saying that he could not find any wrong doing with what he had done. Unlike Christophe Dettinger who will be tried in a court and subjected to a criminal conviction. How is this incident any different to what happened on the Paris bridge? In my opinion the only difference is that Didier Andrieux new different. He had the training the type of training to be able to handle those kinds of situations, without violence and without malice. But this I think underlines and important flaw in the way that government forces are given priority over people whose only wish is to have change to a system that is broken. And yet more orders are made by those in power to oppress people like Christophe Dettinger and it is the same system that allows the brutality of police like Didier Andrieux to get away scott-free. How does a justice system like this really work? By giving special treatment to police. Emanuel Macron has got to be very careful with how he handles this situation. There are comparisons between how the people of the Soviet Union were being oppressed by the war-monger Stalin. He had his police force use unnecessary force against his own people. Look how that turned out. In essence we are writing about the turning point in history. It is men like Christophe Dettinger that will be remember as a symbol of how the Gillet Jaunes will not lay down like a submissive dog. This Saturday there is going to be a march against police brutality. People are being urged to dress in white and march against the oppressive brutality of the police force.

There is good news though that has come to the defense of the patriotic French citizen. Gilbert Collard, a renowned lawyer has come to the aid of Christophe Dettinger. At least a champion of the people will have a champion of the judicial system defending him against the injustice of a system that is flawed and broken. As long as there is the culture of elitism in French society. There will continue to be Gillet Jaunes like Christophe Dettinger standing up against oppression.

police brutality

As a final note. I would also like to say that the leetchi fundraising page that was set up to help with costs for Mr Dettingers foreseeable trial, was asked to be taken down by the French Minister Marlene Schiappa who is the secretary od state for equality, between men and women. She is the reason the fundraising page was pulled. As such she has now become the target of many angry people who think that she had no right at all to mix politics with a neutral platform like Leetchi. Only because of the outcry by a prominent figure like herself, did the fundraising platform bend to her will. No doubt she would have made threats the site. But that is only my opinion.


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