Act 9 – From Paris with love

Act IV of the Yellow Vest movement was held again today right around France. Unofficial numbers have the total number at 300,000. 80,000 of those being in Paris alone. I was viewing live the live feed from Jerome Rodrigues, all day. Starting at the Ministry of Finance. There alone was full of Gillet Jaunes. En Marche to the Arc-de-Triumph. The amount of support that this movement has conjured up was evident from the scores of people that peacefully marched ahead, singing songs like the French national anthem and chants like ‘Macron Demission’.


What I found was so incredible was the structure and unity within such a large crowd. Remember, this was but one small part of a larger group totalling 80,000 strong. There were medics in white with a red cross under a medic banner fluttering in the cold Parisian air. Elderly, disabled and vulnerable people were told to wear pink armbands. It meant that there would always be someone looking after you whilst you were joining your voice against the injustices of the French system. To be this well organised takes dedication, hard work and planning. This took strong leadership and ideas to create pull something as sophisticated as this. Social media platforms have definitely played a huge part in how this movement has gone from one strength to the next. Facebook, twitter have both been instrumental to the cause. Without such, the rest of the world would not know what was going on with the GJ movement and not use this as a framework to tackle their own injustices.


Journalist were out in great numbers, photographing everything. From the early hours of the protest there was a sense that there was going to an almighty turnout. Media coverage from various outside sources, spreading truthful information far and wide, brought a nation together. Instead of mainstream outlets twisting news to shine a bad light on the Gillet Jaunes, a greater number of citizens were able to receive true and concise information relating to a movement that is labelled as ‘an angry mob’ by Jupiter and his cronies.



The police were greater in numbers. Scores of officers were seen right around Paris from where I was watching. Everywhere you turned there seemed to be police in uniform with batons and shields. Water cannon trucks were there to disperse gatherings of GJ. Tear gas cannisters were thrown as an extra measure to make people leave. I did notice a tactic by the police that was extremely effective. Tear gas was thrown, shy of the crowds, this was used as a clearing point from which police would advance, then water cannon would drive protesters further back. Again, tear gas was deployed to create that free space for the police to move forward. Back and back they drove protesters. It was something to watch. Very good tactical management on the part of the police. Whilst there were not levels of violence as seen in Act VIII. There was however an incident where a rubber bullet hit a protester in the eye. He is seen laying face down. Lucky for this guy there were medics close at hand to assist in reducing the damage. A video cuts out before you get know what happened. There can be seen a woman on a mobile phone, which one can assume was to an ambulance. There will be news about this incident no doubt, throughout the week. I will do a follow up article on that as soon as I hear more information from sources. This is the price that these protesters pay every time they go out into the streets. A price to pay for standing up to those that seek to strip away freedoms and silence the people.



I would like to personally thank Jerome Rodrigues for his live stream via his face book page. This guy is awesome, go to his Facebook page and follow him as I do for all matters relating to the Gillet Jaunes fight against oppression. May thanks as well to a couple of my twitter followers too. YellowVestsIRL and Unity-News-Network. Both have been a great help. Go follow them on their twitter pages








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