Dedicated to the services who play their role in the movement

So much attention has been focused on the bad and the ugly that has been occurring, traditionally occurring every Saturday since November 17th. I wish to take a step back and, in this blog, dedicate this to the emergency services that have been among the Gillet Jaunes, and have been right there when scenes of police brutality have reared their ugly heads. It has been the medics, the nurses, the first responders that have risked personal harm in the endeavour to help those that are victims of an over zealous police militia. The organisation by the leadership have shown themselves to be true leaders. It has been leaders like these that have made sure that everyone is well looked after. Whether it be volunteers to feed people, ‘medics in white to heal the sick and injured. It has been a collective effort on the part of each person that has lent their time, expertise and skill to make sue that this well-oiled machine keeps its cogs moving forward in the name of democracy.

When people have been injured by defence bullets – they have been there, when the temperature has been critical – the people have been there to help dish out hot beverages, when emergency help is needed, doctors have been there to deal with the seriously injured. Because of professionals like these, the movement can continue, growing by each new Saturday that comes around.

I now draw attention to the services that are run by the government, services loyal to Jupiter. In my opinion, the same sort of immediate response and respect would not be shown towards them. After all. It was Jupiter himself that said that we were an ‘angry mob’. I beg to differ Mr Macron. How can you class Doctors, medics, nurse, public sector workers in the same category as angry mobs? I believe this is an arrogant, narrow-minded action on your own part. Your support has dwindled to levels not seen since Francois Hollande was in power. Step aside Mr Macron and let someone that has the true idea of what it means to be French. It is not acceptable for you to oppress your citizens.

Leading into ACT X, once again the emergency services will be there to lend a hand. If it wasn’t for the presence of these heroes on the streets there would be a higher number of casualties that would go be logged. Another casualty of the ever-growing anger against the militia police force of the CRS in France.

With more protesters taking up the yellow vest, it means that there is an expanding need for more people to lend a hand to help out the cause. It is you that helps to bring the democracy that is needed to the people on the ground. We all must play our part in this movement. Everyone plays a different role. With the leadership of the Gillet Juanes, moving the chess pieces, we have a great opportunity for the justice that is needed to bring those who oppress and smear the French citizens accountable for their actions. This includes the ‘la Republique en Marche’ party headed by Emanuel Macron, his deputies, ministerial associates and followers of Jupiter.

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