Grand National debate follow up

We are now 5 days into the Grand National debate going live across the Internet. There has been great feedback, recommendations and overall there has been great disdain towards Emanuel Macron and the ‘La Republique En Marche party. Already there has been justice being shown to Didier Andreaux and his barbaric behaviour, there is Alexandre Benalla held in custody over the use of diplomatic passports that he was not entitled too. He was a senior official. How can you not say that you did not know what was occurring. For diplomatic passports to be issued, they need to cleared by you an the senate. This Mr Macron, makes you implicit in. So wheres the justice for you? Your jail time? Oh, that’s right, you have the Nazi affiliated Jean Claude-Juncker to protect you.

On the surface it would seem as though this national debate is working. However, what you are not being shown is the goings on, behind closed doors. The mainstream media is not reporting on it. Why would they? They are complicit in this too. The LREM party using air time to bolster their own motives, while silencing the opposition. This is similar to what Gerbels did during the lead up to the Nazi occupation. Silence whoever speaks out against you. An extreme example, but one that shows comparisons between the French regime and the Nazi dictatorship. With the European parliament elections close approaching. The French elite are using the ‘Great National Debate’ as a smoke screen to further their own political ideologues.

Mainstream media are utilizing the debate to shift the focus of the Gillet Juanes movement to another form of oppression, expertly designed to on the surface look elegant and majestic. But, underneath jagged and dangerous. Suppression of people that speak out against you, reducing air time for opposition parties in order to further your own means for the dictatorship that is the EU, shifting the blame of your own failings Jupiter onto the people that serve you. Macron, you are a coward and you and your centrist party have no business whatsoever leading the predominantly leftist sovereign nation of France.

France are a proud, patriotic nation, full of egalitarians and hard-working people. This is what your elitist agenda does not understand. It is because of you and your government that now sees the biggest protests in French history, since the student protests of 1967. Do everyone a favour Mr Macron, take the high road and quit now. Before you plunge France into total anarchy and chaos. This National debate is just another smoke screen to deviate attention from your misgivings into a different direction, hoping that the French people will ‘just do as they are told’. Well Mr Macron, when it shows you laughing at the fact that people that are living on the bread line seem like a joke to you, you laugh and cannot understand why people hate you. Try living in their shoes and then see if you too are of the same mind. But while you spend thousands of EU funds on your wife and your inner circle. The people on your doorstep will continue to hound and pester you.

Macron Demission

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