Breaking News

I bring you breaking news from the streets of Paris. A hero of the French Gillet Juanes movement has been deliberately singled out and attacked by Emmanuel Macron, his Interior Minister: Christophe Castaner and his Police Militia force known as the CRS. What happened is Jerome Rodrigues, ha been putting his body and life in harms danger to bring to us the truth of what is happening on the streets of Paris. He has been hit in the eye with a French made flash ball, otherwise known in English as a ‘rubber bullet’. The incident has occurred little over an hour ago. Jerome was attended by medics on the street, medics of whom were a part of this monumental movement, they themselves stood tall in the face of adversity and worked tirelessly to tend to him.

Jerome stood up to oppression and totalitarianism of the French government. He rallied so many people to stand up and make their voice count. Emanuel Macron has tried to murder the hero of the movement Jerome Rodrigues. They deliberately aimed for the head to do the most amount of damage possible. Now is the time that all of us, collectively need to like, share, repost, retweet, tell friends, tell all those that do not know the truth of what has happened in Act IX in France. A true national icon has been born, a symbol of defiance against police brutality. Do not let what has happened today stop us from achieving the ultimate goal – the eradication of the totalitarian dictatorship that is the LREM.

Stalin, Mao Hitler. These men all used their police forces to carry out violence against citizens of their own countries. Emanuel Macron has just made that list. How is it possible that, from a first world country, that something as heinous and barbaric like this can ever be allowed to happen? I ask my readers to join in solidarity with the Yellow Vest movement in France and raise your voices to speak out against the dictatorial regime of the LREM. It has been a blatant betrayal on the polices part. The police are supposed to be there to serve and protect citizens. Instead, orders from the very top were given to the militia forces on the streets of Paris to locate, identify and take out Jerome. I do hope that this article will reach every corner of the globe where anyone that is wearing a yellow vest and is protesting corruption in government, globalism and non-transparency. It is my wish that what has happened today to K=Jerome Rodrigues can never happen to anyone else. Yes, they throw their cannisters of tear-gas, they may beat us with batons, they try to break our spirits. But the one thing that they do not realise is that, when there is a collective outcry from the public. There is no course of action that will ever bring us to our knees.

In no point of history has there been a more monumental point than there is today. Today marks the acceleration in the Gillet Juanes. Jerome always talked about La Familie, translated to English this is ‘the family’. We are all family. If you attack one of us, you attack all of us. Now is the moment to make sure that there is a renewed course of action. Now is the time to make sure that more people from all corners of the globe are aware of the atrocities being handed out by the French police. Do the right thing and do not let the actions of a dictatorship quell the surging tides of revolution.



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