Act Eleven of the Gillet Juanes movement

With what happened to our dear Jerome, I feel that it is important that everyone knows the facts of what occurred on the 26th. I feel that it is only fitting that the complete sequence of events leading up to the attack are brought to people’s attention. Perhaps you are unaware of the severity of the actions being undertaken by the French police force, or perhaps you are wanting to get a true rounded perspective on the event of that fateful day. In any case, we are all Jerome #lafamille #Jesuisjerome.




What started out as a peaceful protest, ended up being one of the most destructive of the eleven weeks that the Gilet Juanes yellow vests have been protesting. I was following Jerome Rodrigues live feed from Vincennes, the turn out, here alone was great, to say the least. Protesters had joined in unity after the relatively peaceful march the weekend previous. It seemed that we would be seeing the decline of violence in the capital – it was Bordeaux, Lille and Montpellier that had drawn the attention of the corrupted mainstream media. All in all, flags were flown, chanting could be heard far and wide. From what I could see from the numerous feeds I was hosting – there was the true protesting majority, and the usual minority of aggravators, these are the lot that go to these to stir trouble. All in all though, everything was placid and calm.




As the day wore on though and as each of the various groups that had earlier been in isolation from each other, all were brought together. As soon as this happen, police were right there to quell any mischief. Unfortunately, when the police start to flex their muscle, it is taken as a sign of hostility. The descent into chaos had begun. Tear gas cannisters were thrown, in one part of the city a shop was set alight, protestors were being beaten with batons, flash balls were used on the crowds. Now these are not lethal, they are however extremely painful if you are unfortunate enough to be hit by one. I did notice that the police were not as regimented as they have been in previous Saturdays. Could this possibly be because there is descension within the ranks. Normally I have witnessed clear lines being held, a sense of uniformity in the way that police neutralize protestors.


It is something that I wish I did not have to report on, however this is a turning point in the direction that we as Gilet Juanes must take. Macron tried his hardest to eliminate the threat that he saw as a danger. Jerome Rodrigues has an insanely large following on all social media platforms. This turns out to be great support for the movement and it undermines the role of Jupiter himself. Amongst the chaos that fallen on Paris, the CRS, who had bided their time, finally saw the moment to strike. Video shared far and wide on Facebook, Titter, Tumblr, and literally everywhere shows the police single out, take aim and fire directly at Jerome’s face, with the intention of creating as much damage as possible. Well Jupiter, you failed, as you do with everything. Your country is in tatters now because of your inability to bring about peace. You failed to assassinate Jerome and as a consequence you have made him into an even bigger figure than he originally was. All Gillet Juanes are Jerome, all Gilet Juanes stand behind Jerome Rodrigues. He has paid a terrible price for standing up against the Tyranny and dictatorship of the LREM. It is only fair that we as GJ strive forward and do not let Jerome’s sacrifice be in vain.


french resistance


Today, the 27th there was a march of what is known as the ‘red scarves’. These are people that want to see a stop to the violence being carried out, a return to order and they have been seen and heard chanting ‘thank you police, thank you Macron, saying ‘Macron will win’. Many of them were once Gilet Juanes. These are nothing but coward turncoats. It is mine and others opinion that these ‘red scarves are nothing but cronies of Macron himself. Created as another ploy to cease the momentum that has been created by this movement. Did you know that it is a decree now that wherever Emanuel Macron goes, it is illegal to wear a yellow-vest, incurring an instant 125 euro fine… You work that out. This is not a sign of a free democracy. It is a sign of a nation being silenced for expressing themselves. For the Red Scarves, who are residents of the 16th, 17th and 18th rich precinct’s in Paris, The Parisian Bohemians to applaud such violence is only fuelling the tides of revolution. It is a step by Emanuel Macron to try and separate the enormous numbers of Gillet Juanes into smaller, lesser factions. This put simply is a ploy to give Macron a voice in the movement. It is disgusting that this can happen. As well, Christophe Castaner has come out today saying that the CRS were defending themselves against Jerome Rodrigues. This is absolute dribble. A video on YouTube shows the police take direct aim at Jerome and fire. This is an absolute outrage and one that will be dealt with in due time!!!!!


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