one step back, two forward

As we move into yet another week, let us look at the changes that are occurring as a result of the Gilet Juanes movement…. There has not been any. If anything, the Rothschild product, Elitist Emanuel Macron has dug his heels in even more. He has had his lap dog, Christophe Castaner dish out orders to grievously wound Jerome Rodrigues. Emanuel Macron was successful. Jerome is still in hospital, still healing from the effects of Macrons dogs. In a message on Facebook he has called for calm, that the police were not at fault. Rather he directs blame directly at Jupiter and Castaner. It is their fault. The police were only following orders from someone far above their own pay grade. Jerome has also called on the police to join the Gilet Juanes movement, to stand up to the tyranny of the opressors. The USA, Portugal, Netherlands and Canada have all sent words of support to the French citizens standing behind the Yellow Vest. It is important that there is not excessive force used against police in the coming ACT twelve. It is rather a time to gather under one single flag. The French flag. There are people out there that have the power to make real change in this movement. They, because of fear of reprisal from Macron and his Rothschild backed political party are at the mercy of his bidding. The French Mayors outside of 16, 17 and 18 districts do not support Macron. Ministers in his own cabinet are now starting to second guess themselves. Violence was at the center of controversy in Act 11. Just as it was in acts 5, 7, 8 and 9. Europe hates him. The only people that endorse the French President are those that are rich and those that are elitists. These kinds of people wish to strip away all the will power of the people and create their own superstate. In doing so it, they control the whole of Europe.

There are people out there, especially uninformed people, Pelosi and the deep state that see this whole Yellow Vest movement as a Russia funded ploy to destabilize Europe. This is absolute nonsense. To even think that Russia has anything to do with this is just crazy. People like this are always looking to blame Russia for anything that ever goes bad in the world. This is an old outdated theory, that dates back to the time of the cold war. Stop living in the past people. But it is the same story you hear over and over again. Same rhetoric, bla bla bla.

If you go to my Youtube channel: The Huski, there is a video that details what the Yellow vests stand for and what we want. As told by one of the heroes of the movement, Jerome Rodrigues. It is an amazing video to watch, the passion that he can broadcast after being maimed at the weekend is truly inspiring.

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