Act 12 – the most violent yet

Today the second of February brought a renewed sense of achievement from the protestors on the street. After the atrocity that occurred the previous week to one of our heroes. It was noticeable to see that on the streets of Paris there was a real sense of anger, a feeling that something was amiss in the air. The early briskness of the Paris morning did not stop people in the tens of thousands turning out to show their disgust to the ruling LREM and the police militia. There just wasn’t the normal turn out of French citizens though. RT news were interviewing people from right across France, Spain, Greece, Portugal. There was a real sense that Paris is the epicentre for a movement that has touched the hearts of many people right across the world. In being out on the streets, there is a real attitude towards the creation of a ‘family’. We are all part of something bigger than ourselves. This is what makes us family. No matter if you are unable to speak French, or English, or whatever. As soon as you put that yellow vest on. You are instantly part of something huge and Grande movement.

Todays protest brought people out to protest against the violence shown towards people expressing their freedom of rights. The call was broadcast from the very highest of positions, coming from inside the ruling parties’ own ministerial divisions. War was on the streets of Paris and especially in Bordeaux, where there had been a massive wave of arrests in the lead up to todays protests. Once again the French police were using powers that were uncalled for a showing themselves to be the aggressors to what this movements true foundations are. Huge crowds. What was disturbing to see was the presence of the terrorist organisation, Antifa.

This is the link from YouTube that clearly shows that the presence of Antifa thugs in Paris were inciting hatefulness and bigotry remarks against the protesting Yellow Vests. Last weekend it was the red scarves, they didn’t really seem to create much of a scene. So instead, this week, it was the domestic terrorist, Antifa’s turn to create division within the ranks. What the ruling party does not realise is this. You cannot just order Antifa members to descend on protestors, if those protestors have faced far more threatening situations to their own selves than from a bunch of violent thugs. Antifa had no reason to be at that rally today. It is in my opinion that a call was made from the Elysee to the high-ranking members of Antifa, to create anarchy and mayhem so that the French MSM could twist the actions of a small minority with the terrorist organisation into a story that shone light on the Yellow Vests that was detrimental to the cause. Unfortunately, on their part. They ended up assaulting Jerome Rodrigues. Not only did Antifa attack Jerome. But elsewhere in the city, the President of the L’UNL was hit by a French made Flashball (rubber bullet), the L’UNL is a student union founded in 1994. If this was not part of the government’s plans, then it was blunder on the largest of scales. As soon as that happened, every camera in the area was instantly on Jerome. As well as the fact that if a representative of the student body is now being assaulted by the police. It will only being a matter of time before the whole weight of the university students get behind the Yellow Vest movement. In 1968 it was the student movement that brought the French economy to an almost halt. With the general strike of 5th February looming, this does not bode well for the ruling party of France, or to the elitists right across Europe. If the Euro takes a hit on a scale of what it will, and with the French economy already on the brink of catastrophe. Not even the Rothschilds enclave save France from economic disaster.

Even at the time of writing this article. There are still people out on the streets of Paris, protesting oon the streets and showing their disgust towards a government that is no longer in touch with the people. It rather serves only the rich, elite and the powerful. When people will there be a true change of guard. The will of the majority of the people is not being listened to. The Rothschild backed Emanuel Macron. Who does he now serve? He has lost the support of the everyday citizens. He forgets that it was those citizens that put him into a position of power in the first place. I fear that some event that is set to rock the very foundations of the French government is on its way. For how much longer can the people be oppressed. Think back to Louis the 16th people. Look what happened then.

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