French general-strike

Tomorrow the once sovereign nation of France holds a general strike. It is a move to try to bring attention to the centrist, elitist, globalist, Rothschild backed government of the LREM (En Marche). We have seen for the past three months citizens taking to the streets right across France, in defiance of the policies that are crippling the middle and lower classes of society. Calling a general strike of this magnitude has not been seen since the student protests of 1968. During that strike, it literally brought France to a standstill and crippled the government. It is the view of the citizens of 2019 to do the exact same. The millions of euros that are going to be wiped off is going to be devastating to the French economy.

Looking at the broader aspect. If the hit on the euro is significant enough, is the European Union going to be able to sustain such an impact? After all the European Union has no country, it has no citizens, it has no government. It is just made up of 27 other countries. Of whom will be approached and then demanded to foot the bill for the loss in earnings. Already Spain owes the Union 1 trillion Euros, Italy owes 1 trillion Euros, Greece and Portugal owe 300-400 million euros. Of whom are all o the verge of bankruptcy. Germany, France and the United Kingdom have been propping up these countries. With the UK and he whole Brexit disaster ongoing, and France coming to a standstill tomorrow. How is the Union able to sustain these levels of losses?

What we will see if a plunge in the Euro. Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and the rest of the European Union bureaucrat fat-cats will be pleading with every member state to prop up and invest in the Union.  However, countries like Italy, Hungary, Austria, Poland, in no viable situation will they ever agree to such terms. Is this moment the very situation that people from the non MSM community been commenting about? The fall of the Union? Personally, I hope that we can all get back to WTO rules. Why should one small group of people dictate how everyone should act, behave and function. It is similar to the ‘Grand Plan’ of Hitler. Only this time it is clouded by the political system of the rich and powerful. The European Union has taken away too many rights and freedoms of people to be able to function effectively as a voice of the people. All across Europe, people are making their voices heard, taking to the streets and protesting against their governments inability to represent the wishes of the people.

So, a tomorrow looms ever closer. Pay close attention to what is going to happen and what the actions of the Union will be if they are to take a hit as which is expected in France.

Power to the people, and hopefully now we are on the path to truly holding all those in power accountable. They after all are the ones that will pay the hardest. Investments, stocks, all will fall tomorrow. A harsh price to pay for the freedoms of true democracy.

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