Outcome of Christophe Dettinger trial

Today was the court trial date that had been set for one of our heroes of the movement so far. Christophe Dettinger faced the judge at the equivalent of the crown court in Paris to face the charges of ‘deliberate violence against persons holding public authority’, filed against him by the prosecuting council. Today was the day where we would see whether true justice would prevail. Instead, it was a slap in the face to all those that rallied tirelessly in his name. Why is it that someone like Christophe gets the maximum penalty, while the French CRS, Diddier Andrieux and Alexandre Benalla are still walking free? Outside the courtroom there was a buzz of all media form across France and Europe. This trial was one that had drawn tremendous media attention, both Mainstream and independent. This was the David V Goliath battle. The small folk versus the system.

For all his troubles. Mr Dettinger has received 2 years with a further one-year suspended sentence. No doubt this is not the end of this trial. For sure there has got to be an appeal of some sort. How can the likes of Macron and Castaner get away with such barbaric behaviour? Where is the justice for them? They are shielded by a system that only serves the ultra-rich. While we are left to scrounge on the measly leftovers of whatever ‘they’ decide is best for the people, not just in France, but in Spain, U.k, and others. Since when should the actions of one be taken out of context and that the militia force of France be given a ‘free pass’ to incite violence? This has neen orchestrated by people within the LREM to silence and oppress the people. To do so is democratically wrong, on so many levels. The mere fact that the police are shielded against prosecution is a slap in the face to all those that have been gravely injured by the decisions of the police in France.

What will the outcome of all this be do you think? In my opinion, this will only strengthen the movement even further. Jupiter is showing once again that he thinks he is above the laws of man. What he is doing to his people is nothing short of terrorising his own people. When will he wake up and realise that he is driving the French economy into the ground? No doubt the European council fat-cats are shaking in their boots. They know that their time is numbered as well. They too have been oppressing and terrorising member states for far too long also.

As Germany is officially in recession, where is the money going to come from to pay for the EU failing states? Mr Macron is the last hope for the likes of Jean-Claude Juncker. It is a fact that hen the UK leaves the European Union on the 29th of March, with a no deal, the EU will not get the 39 Billion Euro divorce settlement. This ultimately will be the final nail in the coffin that has been ready for the fat-cat bureaucrats of Brussels, for a very long time.

Justice has not been properly served today. The outcome of the hotly debated Christophe Dettinger has been a total farce. However, what does not kill us, only makes us stronger. We will continue to fight for the freedom against the oppressive ruling class. We will never back down, we will surge forward with a renewed passion a miscontent for those that for so many years have kept us in the dark. Mr Macron, we are coming for you. The elitist culture across Europe, we are coming for you. There will come a day that you too shall be judged. Together as a family e can achieve greatness, only when we are segregated and divided do the ruling class win.



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